Graduation announcement - better late than never?!

Hi everyone, I've been trying to get a moment to say that I managed my graduation run three Fridays ago but life has got in the way!!! Anyway here it is now! I made it and I really can't quite believe it, but more importantly, I've managed to keep doing the 30 mins 3 times a week since then. I really could not have done it without all the advice, information, encouragement and inspiration posted on this site. I had a perfect day for my run - and in fact this whole journey as benefitted from a lovely summer - I've only run three times in the rain.

I also have a few other things to thank - the distinctive things on runs - you will know them - the big puddles, the little puddles, the remarkably big trees, the remarkably wee trees, the clump of thistles, the white hawthorn blossom, the red bin, the corner, the green car, the house with scary dogs, the gate etc etc. it is these things that I have aimed for next when my legs were telling me to give up. So I also want to thank them. Also all the lovely little details you see when out running - the flowers, butterflies cavorting, baby rabbits, hares that lollop ahead of you, the skies, the clouds. These are things I'd have missed staying in bed. I've also learned funny things like that I smile at dogs when they run towards me and that I can hear ok with earphones in. I also need to thank the young guy in Run 4 It who didn't intimidate me but gently encouraged me, analysed my gait and fitted good shoes. He even showed me a better way to tie my laces.

To celebrate my graduation I bought an achievement star charm for my Pandora bracelet - I hope it will remind me of my success but also encourage me to keep going.

If you are reading this thinking you are not sure you can manage C25K I would encourage you to try. I really never, ever, ever had been able to run and would have done everything to avoid it. Now I can manage 30mins. If I can do it, so can you.


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12 Replies

  • What a great post , well fine you and a real inspiration - happy running :)

  • That should say 'done' not 'fine' (bloody text!)

  • Fantastic post. Well done you. That's so inspirational. I need to get off that treadmill at some point and head outdoors don't i! Sounds like I'm missing lots! And a pandora charm is a fantastic idea! Am a huge pandora fan!!! Well done and thanks for posting that. Lovely to read.

  • Thanks Ejbirdy and Toonlou24 - I was starting to feel embarrassed that I had not posted sooner - that I'd missed the moment - so I'm glad you liked it. Hope you are enjoying your progress on the programme too

  • It's never too late to announce a graduation!!! Fantastic achievement! So glad you posted it!

  • That's a great post, and I know exactly what you mean with lots of what you've said. Many congratulations and hope you have many happy runs in the future.

  • Lovely will, I'm sure ,inspire and encourage many others.

    Well done on your graduation and Happy Runing :)

  • Congratulations! Well done. You must be so proud. You need your badge though. Get it applied for!

  • What a lovely post Hennypenny. It describes perfectly those joys of running that don't always get the acknowledgement they deserve. When we first start c25k it's all about the aches and pains, the technique, the distances run and the elation we feel after a good run. As we grow into it, we come to appreciate the sights, sounds and smells we would otherwise not notice. Just running through my local streets, I loved the mosaic of perfumes from the blossom, shrubs and flowers I passed in different gardens -something I hadn't really registered before. So congratulations on your graduation and thank you for posting a timely reminder of the 'other' joys of running. :)

  • Yes, lovely post, congrats on graduating.

  • Congratulations you dark horse! Your enjoyment shines through and will inspire others working their way through. Well done!

  • Congratulations :) it is such a great achievement and it is only right we feel proud of how far we have come :)

    I love your post :) these are the little things that make outside running so much fun!

    Happy running :)

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