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First blog - better late than never!

Feeling quite ashamed – I have been lurking here and reading everyone else’s blogs/questions and responses for the last 9 weeks and haven’t contributed anything myself.

Yesterday I completed week 7 run 3 – not easy, but do-able, but only with the fantastic motivation and encouragement of everyone here. Week 1 was hell and I even did a run 4 that week as I felt unable to move on to week 2, but the sage advice of Greenlegs and many others – ‘slow and steady’ – really helped. Week 2 onwards was much better; I am still very slow, but have completed all the runs so far. The amazing thing is that I have really enjoyed this ‘journey’ and often feel a bit ‘high’ after running.

Not bad for an obese 56 year old (still obese, but have lost nearly 2.5 stones since February, another 2.5 stones to go before I am merely ‘overweight’), who hated cross-country running at school. I run along the canal towpath which is about a 7 minute walk from home (10 minutes returning!). The path is fairly flat which makes it easier and the canal is lovely at this time of year, cygnets, ducklings and baby coots (cootlets?).

There is a Race for Life near us in July, which I have entered with my daughter. I was rather nervous about this when I signed up but thought it best to have a goal, and am quite looking forward to it now.

Thanks again to everyone and, of course, to the lovely Laura – without all your help I really couldn’t have got this far. I promise in future to encourage the newer runners, even if time is limited.

This is a fantastic programme!

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Your pretty fantastic too, well done on getting this far, you'll soon have that lovely green Graduate badge. Your canal run sounds smashing, I'll bet its lovely just now, do you have wild garlic growing on the verges too, its amazing to smell, always makes me want to hurry home and cook pasta! :)


Thanks Oldgirl - can I come to dinner please?

I think you are absolutely amazing, I have read many of your messages.


Well done on your achievements and going 'public'. As you say this is a fantastic site and for most of us along with Laura is what has pulled us through. I enjoy reading all the trials and tribulations -as well as the advice and experience. I think lots of people look but don't blog-but if I see someone's post that touch' s me in some way I do comment-maybe some givesy backsy support to some runners in the same place as you??

Anyway no obligation -but you do have a good and inspiring story to tell.

Really congratulations and the very best of luck with the rest of the programme :-)


Thanks Suzybenj - I really couldn't have got this far with all the help, support and inspiration of everyone on these blogs.


Your canal runs sound fantastic. I went to a canal (or bit of one) about 5 miles from home. The towpath was lovely and peaceful. Sadly, the bit of canal is not in use and is a bit grubby so no ducks or anything. Nonetheless, it was a nice run for me - there is a river on the other side.

Anyway, we have just sold our house and have decided to live on a residential canal boat in the Home Counties so I'll be in the right place for some really enjoyable runs.

You've achieved a lot with your weight loss and running programme. Well done and all the best for the rest of your runs. With best wishes.


Thanks Fitmo - they have been rejuvenating the canal near us, so the paths are level, gravelled and clear (except for the odd bit of doggy do's).

Just as well really, as otherwise it's a bit hilly round here - that will be another challenge after week 9!


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