Early mornings

So, on Monday evening I set my alarm early with the intention of running before work on Tuesday. The result? I got up and thought "Yeah, like that was going to happen!" However, 15 minutes later, I thought "Yes, I could run now" but by then I didn't have enough time to run, shower and eat breakfast before leaving for work.

So, last night I set the alarm for 6:10. Unfortunately I woke at 5:20 needing a pee. I failed to get back to sleep after that as I couldn't shut my head up. I gave up at 6, got up, faffed about for 10 minutes, did 5 minutes of joint loosening exercises, pulled on my running clothes on, laced up my trainers and off I went.

I'm so glad I made the effort to go early, it was beautifully cool and the air was clear. There were very few people about, just one man and his dog getting the paper from the village shop and the milkman was pootling about in his milk float.

By the way, the run also went well. First time I've run in the early morning and first time I've run without music. Music just didn't seem appropriate at 6:30am! I'm not running with Laura this time around, didn't think I could cope with another 9 weeks of her dubious music choices so I downloaded an app that I can play my own choice of music. Much better. Next run is on Friday :-)


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  • Go Sian, that is the way to do it! I often wake up earlier on a run day and just wait until I can face getting out of bed, even if it is before the time I had planned. My enthusiasm from my early days of C25k (5.30am starts!!) has waned but it is always worth it and I am normally out of the house before 6.15, which is the only time to run when the weather is as it has been recently. Once you are out of bed, you may as well run. The earlier it is the more magical it is.

    You'll soon be back up to speed. Good luck.

  • I'm often far too exhausted after work, so now that I've tasted the early morning fruit I think I'll be coming back for more. x

  • Hi Sian, sounds good these early morning runs . I run early mornings at the weekend, but at tea time during the week. I am really looking into getting up early and doing it in the morning though as its a great start to the day isn't it ? At the moment, I get up about half six, take the dogs, come back, make my packed lunch, have breakfast , get in the shower and leave for work at 7.45, so I would probably have to get up about 5.30 -6.00. Eeeek !

    Glad you enjoyed it, sounds lovely , :-) xxx

  • Snap - have never got up early to run until today. Reckon I get up early enough on work days so why would I do it on my days off. Last night tho' set the alarm for 5.45, turned it off and decided not to get up. 15 mins later had to get up and pee. Awake by then so went out and it was great except kept reaching park gates and they weren't open. It is just that getting out of bed bit that is SO hard.

  • Well done you for making the extra effort :) I find tried going out early a couple of times but never seem to be able to complete my routes. I am not sure if it lack of water so early on in the day :(

    Good luck for Friday :)

  • Thanks everyone. I have a day off tomorrow, so might not be quite as early!

  • How nice to see you here again, e-g-s :) I've been away from this forum for a while and need to get back here, and it's lovely to see some friends from when I started. Glad you had a good run in the coolth of the day and I hope Friday's run goes well too.

  • Hi Annie, it's good to be back. I'm starting again after a time of very intermittent running due to surgery and then a torn ligament. Hope you're doing well x

  • Welcome back sian, and well done for getting out at that time of the morning! I love the thought of it...but that's as far as it will ever go, I'm most definitely NOT an early morning person!

    Best of luck for all your future runs!

  • Not easy dottiemay, but definitely worth the effort to avoid the heat :-)

  • My alarm goes off at 4.40am on run days and I'm out the door by 5am! It's been lovely recently as I get to watch the sunrise :)

  • 4:40?? That's a bit too extreme for me! I'm in awe ;-)

  • I know right?! If you'd told me a few years ago I'd be doing this I would have laughed in your face!

    I get up for work at 5.45am on a normal day anyway so it's not *too* bad really...

  • I could cope with 5:45, but 4:40 would mean going to bed not long after getting home from work. I'm hopeless without 8 hours of sleep

  • Nice to see you again, earl-grey. Good to read that the early mornings are working well for you. I, too, tried early runs (about 5:45) last week and I loved it. I've been away for a long weekend since, and have colder weather here now, so not been that time again for a few days, but will try again soon.

  • Nice to be back swanscot :-)

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