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I don't believe it, Laura wasn't lying!

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Week 5, run 3. Yep, that lovely 20 minute run where you you're thinking "Hang on, we've been increasing by 30 seconds, 1.5 minutes, 3 minutes and now you want me to run double and a half of my longest run! Really?" When Laura says you can do it, she was actually telling the truth!

I'm sitting here grinning like the Cheshire cat :) Not only did I do the 20 minute run, but I did it easily. Slowly, but easily. I'm certainly not breaking any land speed records as I plod around the local park while my kids walk the dog and go and play on the playground. I swear a little old lady on a zimmer frame could pass me, but thankfully there seems to be a shortage of little old women with zimmer frames.

I did run at least 90% of it on grass even though I find that more work than running on the pavement, but every time I tried the pavement the tendon behind my left ankle would become noticeable. Not exactly painful, but I was aware that it was there. The last thing I want to do is injure myself, so grass running is it for now.

One thing about going around the local park is that I know that 1 lap = 1 km so it's easy to guage how far I've gone. I think I've got a bit slower over the past few weeks but I honestly don't care. If I can get the time then I can get the speed/distance later. 20 minutes was 2.5km.

Week 5, Run 3 all done and I couldn't be happier.

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What wonderful news, Mum!!

You have every reason in the world to be grinning and so very proud of yourself!!

I also spent some time running in the grass as I tried to nurse a case of Plantar Fasciitus. I absolutely agree that while it is easier on the limbs and joints, it is a harder run.

No worries about time and speed, you are doing marvellously!!!

Keep Running!! :-)


oh that is awesome! well done! I am doing that run tonight and just a little nervous so your experience is encouraging! :) good luck and happy running for week 6!!

Hi, good luck with your run, I have mine tomorrow or Saturday depending on the weather as I'd prefer to be outside rather than on the treadmill for 20 mins. Let us know how you get on Jan

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well done mum!

Very well done, and thanks so much for posting this. I am just about to do w3r3, and the thought of that w5r3 only 5 runs away strikes fear into my heart. It just seems toooooo big of a jump, but your blog proves it can be done. Thanks again, I just need to get myself some of that p.m.a. before tuesday week. Eek!

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Very well done! That first "long" run that we do is such a great feeling, making us realise that 30 mins is actually achievable and within reach...... It does seem like a big jump but the programme has brought us gently to this point and is in fact only 4 mns more than the total running time of W5R2 - just no breaks!!

Grass running is harder but also gentle on our joints so keep with it if that suits you better and speed will come later.

Best of luck with week 6!

Sue x

Well done, that is awesome. I've got quite a few runs to go before I need to worry about running for 20 minutes but your blog helps no end.

Enjoy your Cheshire cat moments, you're right to be proud, it's a huge acheivement in such a short space of time.

Keep running and keep grinning.


Very well done, it's an excellent achievement, you have every right to be grinning at the end of it :)

I love that the C25K emphasises upon the task, rather than the speed at which you do it. I just want to be able to run, not run fast !

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brilliant!! well done you!!

im soooo not looking forward to that leap, but like others your blog made me think that I can do it.

goodness, you'll be a graduate before you know it!!

keep on running!


Well done MumOnTheRun-yes I felt the same way as you by Run 5 and can imagine your lovely face :-). The first long run without a break-and you've done it!

I love this programme and the system because you are slowly but surely edged up the plan. And, before you know it, you're running for 30 minutes in week 9 and you are a Graduate. Emphasis on stamina and endurance, not speed is the Key. I'm not interested in how fast I run for how far (must be 5k as that is the set of the week 9 pod). I just want to learn to run again and lose weight into the bargain-both of which I have achieved and am continuing to achieve. Am now starting the exciting stepping stones to hone my skills.

Keep on Running!

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Well done, I'm here grinning with you, remembering that wonderful feeling :)

Wow! Well done to you - makes me want to keep going.

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