Now I've lost MY Mojo!!!

Over the past month or so, I have been doing non-stop runs from 20-35 minutes. But today I did the SPEED post-5K podcast. It starts out with 5 minutes of running at 155BPM, then goes to 165 beats for 1 minute and back to 155BPM, repeated 6 times. I could barely finish the first 5 minutes. I simply can't run at such a slow BPM!!! I walk at 140 BMP - and run around 175-180BPM.

The concept of the SPEED broadcast is good - do 5 minutes of jogging then sprint for one minute and back to 1 minutes recovery - 6 times over -- but I just can't get going with the Podcast!!!


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11 Replies

  • How do you work out your bpm? I have a Garmin FR10, so would I be able to work it out from that?

  • If you have a smartphone of some kind, you can download Metronome Apps ( like what you use when you are learning music to keep up a beat) -- try out different beats BPM and run to the beats - you will soon find out what feels "natural" to you. I need to run at a fairly high cadence - between 175 BPM to 180 BPM. I find it very painful to try to run to Lauras music :)

  • Ah, thanks. I'll check that out. A while back I found a website - need to find it again - that lists music by bpm, and I thought I'd make up a playlist for myself based on that. On the shorter runs I didn't bother with music, and I tended to be out when it was dark anyway so not very safe. But now with the longer runs, and in daylight, I find that music does help.

  • I think that might be jog fm?

  • I found it! It's called Jog Tunes.

  • I have not heard the BPM podcasts but I do think everyone has their own natural running tempo, possibly linked to stride length. If your natural tempo is to take short quick strides Bazza then you would need to adjust the BPM accordingly me-thinks.

  • Have you considering trying to lengthen your stride a little during the recovery part? That will slow your natural BPM to match the music, and also help you cover more distance.

    Also, ideally you are practically sprinting during the faster parts, with long strides if you can manage them. If you are going all-out on those sprints (anaerobically, where you would be absolutely unable to continue past 90 seconds max), then it might be easier to slow down during the jog portion - which is really the recovery portion. You should need to be going pretty easy on those breaks between sprints.

    If the "sprint" part has a BPM that is too slow, even with long strides, you can run faster than that tempo. Just run however fast you are able to sustain for one minute and no longer. And then you should be tired enough to go slow on the recovery intervals.

  • Yes -- I think that is the answer - do the intervals without the music.

  • There was me struggling to keep up with it the first few times of doing that Podcast!

  • Ah well, we are all different. I think the current BPM on the podcasts will be sufficient for me when I start them next week. I have no intention of trying to fast forward like a demented marionette! Good luck with your own version of Speed and best wishes.

  • I must admit, I tend to do this podcast only when running on a flat. Not too many hills. Then it's not so bad. I also stride out on the intervals so that I can match the beat but I must admit after the fifth one I'm closed to shattered. Good luck. :-)

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