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I cant believe it Laura said I was a runner lol

so today I completed run3 of week 6 and I cant believe I ran for 25 mins no stopping and no walking I did feel at some stages I was dragging my leg behind me as the pain in my calf was painful but I remember all the advice I had read on here about that niggling voice on your shoulder giving you all the reasons you cant finish and to focus on the positive feelings.

I went on and when Laura said the last minute and I could speed up I did give it a little burst and then the end and I slowed down for the walk home and then the magic words from Laura - I did just run for 25 mins and I am a runner - not ashamed to say I cried.

I am 47 and overweight and I cannot believe that in 6 weeks I can do this - I am not the fastest only covered 2.5km today and I doubt I will be doing 5k at the end but I can work on my speed and I will continue with running think I am addicted.

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Well done! Awesome run... Week 6 is a tricky week and a HUGE milestone! You're a runner now... don't worry about pace now just duration...

If you can run 30 minutes non-stop by the end of the 9 weeks you've graduated... simple as that...

Keep at it... just 9 more runs left... you're already two-thirds of the way to graduation!


Well done you. I have W6R3 the day after tomorrow. Full of doubt after the struggle for R2 today but the programme has not failed thus far. You have boosted my confidence a bit more. Thanks.


Good for you. The point is to be running for 30 mins by the end of the programme, and if you can confidently go for 30 mins you will be able to work up to 5k. Slow and steady is the best way to approach W7. Good luck !


Well done! I felt really good too hearing the words 'you are officially a runner!' I did W7R1 today and it was not easy! I was slow and puffed and puffed, but... accomplished 25 min run (actually...jog...


Very true - week 7 is just as challenging in its own way. Cheers.


Well done for getting this very tough week finished. Just enjoy your runs and don't worry about speed or distance at this stage. Just focus on being able to run 30 minutes when you get to week 9 and graduating without injury. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.

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Well done. Your doing great. Seriously. Don't worry about the distance. Its really not important. But it will come. Enjoy the feeling 'of being a runner' i loved that week. Yah you ! You go... runner. :-)


Thank you everyone I am still feeling so proud and people are commenting on a difference in me which I truly believe is down to this program - three people at work came and spoke to me today and asked how they got to join 'the club'


Go, go, go! Well done and sign up your colleagues. Let's all get running.


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