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I don't believe it!!!!!

I have just finished week 9 run 3. What a feeling. I have not blogged before but have read many entries and questions and so on. I have found the advice and support offered on these pages a great help.

I still find it hard to do the 30 minutes and have not yet reached 5k, but am very close. I will stick with Laura for the next week or so while I conquer the 5k.

The first week I started I got a stitch in my side running for 60 seconds. Now I can run the 30 minutes and do not feel as tired as I did on week 1.

To anyone thinking about starting or anyone finding the going tough I would say just stick with the program and you will get there. It is worth the effort to get the sense of achievement that lies at the end of week 9.

To all of you who post blogs, ask or answer questions I would say keep it up as it is a huge help to people, even lurkers like me.

Keep on running!!!!!

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Well done Martinm - great result!!!

Good that you are sharing your good news with everyone.

I have two runs left to graduate and agree that the tips and support really help. Mind you they can work out to be expensive - garmin on order :)

Hopefully now you have come into the fold you will keep blogging as well as running.... :)


Well done you!

I should really have completed W9R3 by now but I just can't seem to get there. I don't know what is wrong with me. I didn't deviate at all from the plan until reached week 8. I just couldn’t seem to complete that 28 minutes without stopping. I repeated week 8 and got there in the end. Here I am in the same place with week 9! I have even found myself stopping at around 20minutes even although I know I can do it. I had been so enthusiastic at the start.

I imagine its a fantastic feeling having completed the plan!


Fantastic stuff! It is a huge achievement to complete the plan and thank you for telling us about it! Why not keep up your blog and let us know what you are hoping to do next?



That's great, well done, I've got 2 more runs to do then I graduate so looking forward to Friday :)

Well done again!!


Congratulations on graduating :)


Welcome and congratulations. The 5K will come, the 30 minutes is a fantastic achievement, as you know lots of us don't get to 5K by week 9. Keep blogging now that you have begun. :)


Congratulations :) :)


Congratulations! Great work. It is such a wonderful sense of achievement to run for a whole 30 minutes. It took me an extra 2 weeks running to get to 5km but it will happen. Now I'm happy doing 7 or 8 km but find that I plateau in my achiements for a week or two each time. All mental from here on in! Again well done.


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