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W5 R3: Painful, but I made it. Sore legs, do I need new, expensive shoes?

I was anxious about run 3, so far everything had been going ok, but to jump from 8 to 20? As much as I trusted the programme, I didn't believe many people made it, but I just did! I am sweatier than I can ever remember being, EVERYWHERE, but I feel good.

My calves and ankles were a bit sore for the last couple of minutes and I'm wondering if I need new shoes? I wear (embarrassing) cheapy £7 trainers from tescos to run in, with a arch support in as I have flat feet. I sometimes run on grass, around a sports field, but that's a bit boring so I also run 1 or twice a week on the pavement.

I know I probably need proper running shoes, before the slight aches and pains that I'm beginning to get get worse, but I've heard that the proper, gait-measured shoes are from £80-£130 and I just can not afford that. I like running because it costs me nothing, I've not spent a penny on running 'gear,' still running in a old pair of leggings and hoodie or massive polo t-shirt.

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I think the shoes are the one thing you need a good pair of. Running trainers will give you the support you need and will help prevent injuries. The ones I run in are Adidas ones that I got in the sale from Debenhams for £38 but they are marvellous, can't rate them highly enough.


Well done on passing the dreaded W5R3 hurdle.

I had gait analysis and told the shop man that I couldnt afford more than £80 and would rather pay less and ended up getting an £80 pair for £50 in the sale. If you already have a slight problem (flat feet) I think it would be worth having your gait analysed and looking round for a cheap pair of the ones you need. My husband had his gait analysed and is normal so can wear whatever feels comfortable and suffciently padded to protect joints against impact as we ruun maiinly on hard surfaces.


I have the same problem and have to buy shoes with the extra bit of support in the sole - can' t remember techical term.

i would have your gait analysed and try on shoes as to what you like and what feels right for you. I would then shop online for cheaper models. Often old models are the same shoe. avoid anything like Nike air walkers- when I had my gait looked at the advice was that they were just not worth the money. I have had over the years mizuno, asiacs and addidas. I also go one size bigger.

Best of luck and happy running


I can't help but agree with previous comments. I was running in a pair of oldish trainers that originally cost £30 but as they were a bit too worn for running, I was recently gait analysed and bought a pair of Brooks - (£80). The new shoe have made a huge difference and I honestly think it is worth buying the right shoes. I over-pronate but the new shoes have corrected that problem. I understand that good footwear can help prevent injuries as well. Good luck in finding the right shoes at the right price and enjoy the rest of your runs.


Hiya, sorry to hear about your probs, but I'm going to agree with Fitmo! I'm usually pretty broke too, but when you think about think about things .... You've only one set of feet, knees, legs and hips for your entire life ... And if they are to serve you well, it makes sense to look after them! I had gait analysis and was told one of my feet was almost flat ... Eventually running with this would be painful, and as all the other joints in both legs try to compensate for one dodgy foot, they might all be prone to injury. NOT a happy thought for the future! Following a decent gait analysis, most specialists are able to make inserts/insoles for your trainers - customised especially for your foot/feet. These cost about £35. I was told they would be good for my next three pairs of trainers - so a very reasonable investment!

Of course, trainers can be costly too, but try on several - they really do feel different - make notes of their names/styles and maybe you too will be lucky with sales or online bargains! By the way, you may easily need shoes of a different size from your day-to-day shoes, so check it all out before buying.

I too ended up with Brooks running shoes, they are amazing, lightweight, fit superbly, support my whole foot in all weathers and running conditions ... so, I cut out chocolate and wine for a few weeks .... they cost just a wee bit more than one fill of petrol for my car! ..... but they were sooooooooo worth it! I have kept my old t-shirts and Tesco/Sainsburys leggings - who cares about those? :)

Good luck with your progress, hope all pain subsides and good luck on your bargain footwear hunt. Cheers, Linda


Well done. I completed week 5 run three this morning

As a 95KG male of 39yrs, I nearly talked myself out of it this morning but pushed on. I was so happy to have been able to do this, i was crying on the way back. Hang in there all. I have never managed to run for so long without stopping. Keep reminding myself that speed is not the object and to ensure i pace myself. I am actually starting to believe that I can do this.


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