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I do believe I'm starting to enjoy this running thing!

Last week - Week 4 - was a tough one for me. It wasn't tough to do the runs, but I had no burning desire to get out there and run like I'd had in weeks 1-3! No motivation, but I went out and did them just the same.

I think that I've definitely got my motivation back in my week 5 runs 1 & 2. Run 1 on Sunday was a pleasant surprise. For some reason I thought it was going to be 5 minute and 8 minute runs, so when Laura said I only needed to run 5 minutes three times it really perked me up. Then the same thing happened on today's run - I assumed it was going to be 5 minute and 8 minute runs so just doing two 8 minute runs seemed like I was getting off easy. Ha, 8 minutes runs are getting off easy? I definitely wouldn't have said that 5 weeks ago!

I'm actually looking forward to Thursday's run. That one I do know how long it is. I must be barking mad, 20 minutes of running and I'm actually looking forward to it??? I feel so proud of myself for getting this far. I can't believe I'm actually doing it!

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The dreaded 20...YOU CAN DO IT! :-) Every run has prepared you for it! :-) looking forward to your blog posting!!! Gayle


Wow!! You are doing amazingly, keep going! You inspire us newbies to continue through the first few weeks. Your stories give us hope and determination!

Good luck with your 20 mins! You can do it!


You've definitely been bitten by the running bug! Well done and good luck! :)


well done, I am doing WK5R2 tomorrow, like many I have not done any running since my PE classes at School and they were 30 years ago so I am amazed by this programme - it just seems to work :)


Wonderfully done, Mum!! No worries about the 20 minute run!! You have made it this far and you are now ready for it!! It is now becoming as much about your mind as it is your body!! Stay focused and keep believing!! YOU CAN DO IT!!

You have much to be proud of...enjoy your success!!

Keep Running!! :-)



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