I can't believe I ran for 20 minutes none stop!!

c25k is magic. Honestly there must be something supernatural going on. Otherwise I have no idea how I managed to jog for 20 minutes without breaks when just one month ago I found it hard running for 1 minute eight times with breaks in between.

I am so happy and proud of myself. During the 5 minute warm up walk I reasoned with myself that if I couldn't complete this run then it was okay because it was quite a big jump from the previous run. But then 10 minutes in I was determined to do the whole thing because I knew that I could. In fact for the last minute or so I increased my speed quite a bit because I was so close to circling the rec I jog in three times. I didn't quite manage to do that but who cares because...



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25 Replies

  • No magic involved - just you, determination and a fantastic exercise program! Well done, keep at it!

  • thanks sandra!!

  • Fantastic keep at it and in a few weeks you will be running for even longer. Well Done!!

  • thanks Mat :). Is it weird that I am actually quite looking forward to jogging for longer? Now that I can do 20 minutes I want to push myself more and more and prove that I can do it!

  • Not at all weird! I was so happy when I managed 20 minutes and then before I knew it week 9 had come along and then felt really proud that I achieved 30 minutes. You will be exactly the same.

  • Afro - when I replied to one of your posts the other day I noticed we are exactly the same place !!

    Well done, do you feel as chuffed as me !!

    I am feeling very proud this morning as you should be too !

  • Hi Richard, i noticed that we're at the same place too, almost like virtual running buddies :)

    And yes we both should be very proud of our accomplishments yesterday!!

  • I love reading these posts when people just ahead of me on the programme achieve what they never thought they could do. Well done Afro girl and richardvc! It's great to hear it is possible and helps those folks behind you keep on going because you succeeded! 😀

  • thanks :) and good luck on your c25k journey

  • Brilliant

    It is an awesome feeling

    I still find it amazing that I can run

    Loved the program and Reading the post on the forum

    Good luck for the rest of the program.....graduation is another step closer

  • thanks, sooo looking forward to graduating, can't believe it's less than a month away. This program goes by so quickly

  • Fantastic! :)

  • Congratulations Afro-girl!! I just did my 20 mins this morning as well. I have never posted on this forum before but have got great help from others. Feeling absolutely fantastic. Can't believe I did it as well. I was definitely apprehensive about this run but very encouraged by others who had tackled it. I just kept saying to myself, 'you can do it, you can do it,' during the run and it turns out that I can do it!

  • Congrats, Tourmaline, it's great to read another week 5 success story! You should post more, I'd love to hear how you get on with week 6 :)

  • Well done.

    I found W5R3 to be the best one to realize what I was capable of and a big turning point in terms of mental attitude towards jogging.

  • thank you LP, these longer runs have been a bit challenging for me mentally but the more i do the more i've slowly begun feel mentally positive about my jogging abilities.

  • Fantastic! Been looking forward to hearing this good news. Isn't it a great feeling? You've overcome a whole lot more than that 20 minute barrier, already, but that's the one to gloat about every few minutes for the next few days. :-)

  • thanks gary, glad to hear I have a fan :P

    The feeling is amazing. Can't wait for my next run so I can get another achievement high. And oh yes there has definitely been some gloating, my sister is probably sick of it by now lol.

  • just did the same thing today and cant believe it either. Serious shin splints for some reason but made it through

  • wooo yay another fellow week 5 winner! congrats and i hope your shins feel better soon. Can't have you on the injury couch when you're got week 6 to conquer now can we :P

  • Feeling much better. Tuesday morning is the start of W6. Ready to go

  • Well done you. C25k does work its magic if you stick at it. I finished mine a while ago and now I enjoy running three times a week, its good for the soul when you reach a goal..Well DONE!!

  • thank you!!!

  • Congratulations and well done, I am due to do Week 5 R3 this coming Friday.


  • I love reading these posts. For me in week 2 it really inspires me. Thank you and well donex

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