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Treadmill Transition Run no. 1


As per my clothes porn post yesterday, I went out with Mrs LeeU while she did a week 3 run. We selected a local park to run in and headed down there, the grass had been cut recently and it was, obviously very dewy.

We did the warm up walk and then set off running, I was listening to music and relying on Mrs LeeU for the prompts to walk or run, I was also relying on her for pacing so I didn't go too fast. Not 100% sure what happened with that, I think she was, subconsciously going faster so she didn't slow me down too much as her asthma started playing up (the air was cool as well). We had a slightly longer walk in between the runs while her Ventolin got to work and we moved off of the park and onto the pavement at the side of the road. At this point we looked like Hobbits with all the grass stuck to our feet.

I've never run on tarmac before and was a little concerned about the level of impact but it was surprisingly good.

We completed the last 2 runs on tarmac and then, during Mrs LeeU's warm down walk I wanted to try a little hill to see what kind of pace my body was thinking I could run at, I added a little flat running in then turned around and ran back to Mrs LeeU, the initial up hill section was at a 9:19 (10.2 kph - 29.5 minute 5k) per mile and then when I slowed myself down a little I dropped to 13 minute per mile (7.5 kph - 40 minute 5k) , a much more sustainable pace for me.

Overall, I loved it, didn't like the asthma issues but I'm hoping that we can work towards that getting better, the plan is now:

Monday - treadmill run

Wednesday - treadmill run

Saturday - week 4 run with Mrs LeeU on a quiet road or maybe even the local country park.

I can sort the pacing issue, I just need to remember to look at my watch semi-regularly and glance at the speed and adjust accordingly.

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Its s fantastic that you have enjoyed so much!!! Just try to do It more often 👌👌


Great running from both of you. Hope Mrs leeU manages to get her asthma under control when running. Well done you 😊


Well done.

The most effective way to check whether you are running at a sustainable pace is to be able to speak aloud clear ungasping sentences as you run.

LeeUGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

I was constantly asking Mrs LeeU if she was ok, it was clear and not gasped.

Last thing I wanted was a spoiled run from the wife collapsing, that would have been so inconsiderate of her 😁

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to LeeU

Could she reply in full ungasping sentences though?

LeeUGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Yes she could, if not I'd have made her stop running.

If this continues I suggest you contact your GP practice and see if they have an asthma clinic.It may result in using a preventer and not just a reliever

LeeUGraduate in reply to Numpty3

Thanks, she went to the GPs before starting, she has both the preventer and reliever but she needs to understand when she needs to take them for maximum effect.

Oki doki once she gets the hang of using them then I am sure the training will improve on leaps and bounds. Good luck


Well done to both of you...I get seasonal asthma so kept my running on the treadmill in the spring and early's nice to be out isn't it : )

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