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Wk4 r1 - I don't believe it!

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Hi everyone. This is my first post, so be gentle...

I have just come back from my run and I am buzzing. I know I have harder challenges to come but this was the first week when I seriously thought that I would not be able to complete the session.

Reason is that my wk3 r3 was the hardest one of all and the last 3 minute run was a killer. I couldn't see how I manage 5 minsx2 only 3 days later.

Well I did it and I'm really chuffed. The way the body adapts is amazing. I don't know how it works but our body is amazing <he says being 17.5 st and diabetic ;-) >

Funny thing was that at the end of my final 5 min run today I was so happy/relieved that for the last 20-30 secs I actually broke into a run, as opposed to the slowest jog imaginable, which is my default setting...

Thanks for all the encouragement that has got me this far. I thought it was about time I give a little back.


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Welcome, hop_along, well done. Your realisation that your body is capable of performing feats that you never considered possible is one of the delights of C25k and one that we all come to appreciate at some point or other. The structure of the course is perfect to help, just about, anyone to gently progress, at their own pace, to that magical running for 30mins non stop, which you WILL be doing in just a few short weeks. Trust Laura and you will do it.

Keep running, keep posting.

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Hi Hop Along! You're a week ahead of me! At the moment, I also don't see how I'm going to step up from the 3 mins, but seeing from these forums that others have managed it encourages me that it is going to be fine. Thanks for posting!

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Thanks guys!

Much appreciated.


You can do it, trust me. I still can't believe I have done 30 mins several times now. This is an amazing programme, just take it slowly, speed isn't the objective, just the time/distance.

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hop_alongGraduate in reply to Trickydicky61

Thanks Dick.

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Just did wk4:1 and like you am amazed. Had blinding headache after the first 5 min but my running buddy encouraged me and made it to the end .... Very slowly tho!!

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Well done Lamby.

It's great that you perservered through the headache. I did my Wk4 r2 this morning too, so we are only a few days apart in our schedules!

So far I have been running solely on grass to protect by knees as I am a big unit ;-)

However, today in did 50-50 between paths and grass. It is definately a different experience. I'll keep it 50-50 for a couple of weeks and see how the knees handle it.

So far, I have not had any knee trouble on the c25k program, but I don't want to be complacent...

Please stay in touch.


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