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Injured for 4 months (Hip Pain/Bursitis)

It's been so long since I was on here, I struggled to remember my username!

Totally fed up, desperate to run & getting fatter by the day. Started C25k in Jan, had couple of stops & starts but was up to doing 5k Race for Life in Jun/Jul. Lost 2st in process so was v pleased, espec as was getting married in Aug. Had started getting hip pain as running further, say past 20min. Both hips but more so on left. Then one day I could barely walk with the pain & for the next couple of months walked with a limp, still in pain. Now still can't walk without it hurting.

Went for sports massage, sports therapy, to a chiropracter & the GP. GP gave me tablets I couldn't take & told me to come back in 2wks if not worked. Didn't take the tabs as a) was allergic to them & b) even the pharmacist said they wouldn't help, which I knew anyway. So I went back. Next GP I saw (thankfully a large surgery, with a choice!) said poss needed cortisone but could only refer me to physio & I should expect approx an 8-12wk wait. So 3wks ago I had my 1st one. He looked at me, said it was probably bursitis and I must not run. He told me I was too young for cortisone (I'm 41), then he told me this was only a consultation appt & I would now go into the Q for treatment. I'd be sent an appt, which would be another few wks. However he was probably not going to touch me, just give me advice and exercise tips. WTF?

So I've still not had the appt through, the pain is still there & I still can't run!! It's nearing 5mths now & I've been an injured runner for almost longer than I was a runner. This can't go on, surely this can't be my running life over so soon?!?!?!?!?!

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I totally feel your frustation Sally, I developed what I thought was piriformis syndrome on week 9 back in June, and despite resting, massage and stretching, I still have the (constrant) niggling pain and have not run since 3rd June. However as it hurts to lie on the affected side, I am wondering if it is bursitis too. So depressing, not to run. I have downloaded from week 3 again, ready to start slow again, to see how it goes. Surely I can't be any worse off can I? I aim to re-start once my chest infection has cleared....


Sally, I really sympathise! I too took up running in February and got as far as graduating before I was struck down with hip pain. My doctor suggested Physio, and I am lucky in that I can manage to pay for it. £30 a shot, and worth every penny. My Physio diagnosed referred back pain, and I have had traction, ultrasound and acupuncture ! Then I got a bit of patella tendonitis! All is now improving thanks too to some exercises he gave me. But I also had to stop for a while and then was allowed to run for one minute. It's so frustrating. However now back on the plan and up to week three. Chin up, you'll get there .


Funny, I seemed to have had the opposite problem to you?!? This time last year I was a couch potato and went to my doctor complaining of hip pain. He diagnosed bursitis and prescribed a 4 week course of naproxen anti-inflammatories and the advice that I should "move more" and get some exercise!! I started swimming and then in Jan 2012 I started c25k (I had to quit swimming cos it wrecked my hair!). My bursitis has completely cleared up (no medication since that initial 4 week course) and I'm now running 4 times a week training for a half-marathon. I am 43 and have never felt better - you can get there, but when you're 40+ you just have to build up time and mileage a lot more gradually (I've only just cracked the 10 minute-mile for instance and that's taken me 10 months). Don't give up, just adapt - take up swimming maybe to maintain your fitness levels and then introduce some walking/running when you are up to it? :-)


I too have enlisted the help of a physio at the private hospital.

Not cheap, but so worth it.

Proper diagnosis, proper rehab, and after 3 appointments over8 weeks, looking like back to c25k next week.

Started c25 k in February, graduated in April and haven't run properly since June.

Noticed lots of posts about injuries so have decided that after re-graduating will not worry about distance/speed/time/pace etc.

Will just enjoy and appreciate 30 minutes 3 times a week.

Good luck all you injured runners,

Jane xxxxx


My experience has been the same as Bronwen's - I was experiencing a lot of joint pain but I'm middle aged, unfit and overweight. However since I started running (just about to start W9) it has gradually been improving - I still get pain, especially after a run but nowhere near as bad so I figure that things are getting tighter or stronger and as long as I keep exercising it will keep improving. However, as your pain has started since running then you are doing exactly the right thing - I know you are frustrated but take the time now and you will come back fitter and stronger :o)


Having not done any running for 2 months I can understand how you are feeling. In January I started to go to a chiropractor for a back and neck problem which over the months being corrected etc developed into bursitis exactly the same as yourself on the left side.

I am surprised that the chiropractor didn't help you further.

Fortunately I was able to pay for private treatment and through a regime of treatment and stretching etc I have no back or neck problems. My problem is a strain from doing C25K and decided to give it as much rest as possible.

To keep fit now I work in the gym doing rowing,cycling and the X trainer. I've reached a good level of fitness and loosing weight.

If you can, consider private treatment. Bursitis is generally an inflammation of the bursas and for that I used ice packs which did help over a period of time.

Good luck for the future.


I started getting hip pain a few months back and tried to ignore it for a while but ended up limping around the day after I'd run. After a few weeks I decided to bit the bullet and go to a sports physiotherapist at a cost of £30 per visit. I'd been putting it off as I didn't really feel I could afford it but I now feel it was worth every penny.

She diagnosed the problem as hip bursitis and we agreed that it was probably caused by my compensating for my shoes not being right for me, as they had been causing me a lot of pain in my arches. She gave me a series of exercises to do to strengthen the muscles around the hip and told me to only run short distances and build up slowly. I've also had periods of being unwell that have meant I've rested more than I would have done otherwise.

I noticed that it was the impact of running and walking that caused the pain and I can follow the Speed podcasts on the cross trainer without aggravating the pain and I think this has also helped strengthen the muscles. I went to a local running shop and, after gait analysis, chose some new shoes that have made things more comfortable.

On my second visit she massaged the area around the pain and I left with a lot more movement than I'd had before the visit. I've gradually built up to around 5 miles again and although I have the occasional niggle, I've learnt to back off and rest it. I also notice that running off-road is less aggravating. I'm trying to include regular strength training at the gym - dumbell squats are a good exercise for this.

If you can afford it, I would recommend visiting a sports physiotherapist - I think they are probably interested in getting you back where you want to be, rather than just giving you tablets and telling you to rest. Good luck - I found it very frustrating so I do sympathize.


I also found that compression shorts under my running leggings helped things feel more comfortable. As you're too sore for running yet, perhaps it might be worth wearing some while you're walking ? Mine are only the inexpensive ones from Lidl's running gear but I really felt they made a difference.


How frustrating for you Sally! And I was feeling sorry for myself! There is some good advice here though, hope you can find a solution soon!


totally understand your furstration. I had gotten as far as week 7 earlier this year and physion told me I had to stop all high impact exercise due to a knee problem and shin pain. However I started again at eh beginning in August and took it much slower, leaving 2 or 3 days between runs and I did my last run yesterday. I hope you get an appointment quickly. Can you maybe swim in the meantime if you want to exercise or are the hips too sore even for that? Wishing you well!


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