W9,R2 done

I'm well on my way now and almost there!  I can't say it's getting any easier, especially the first ten minutes, they still nearly finish me off. I still feel very proud of myself after a run and really can't believe it is me in my body doing this.  I'm off skiing now for a week (I've never done that before either!) so that final graduation run is left to tantalise me back when I return.  I actually can't wait!  My husband will be back then too, some of you may recall that doing this programme has been my sneaky project while he is away. He is a massive runner and I've not told him I'm doing this. It's a surprise.  Any suggestions for getting maximum impact for all my effort?

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  • Main thing... do NOT fall whilst skiing! Running Week 9 Run 3 in a plaster cast..not good...:)

    I need to think about the max impact ..hmmm!

  • I know that has really been my worry. I had considered skipping a rest day just to get the final run in so I would definitely finish the programme!  Then I decided that having that final run there might help me get back to the programme when I return whatever the eventuality!!  I've never been on skis before so I'm very much on the nursery slopes and hoping if I fall it will be slowly, I'm also hoping that being a bit fitter will help me avoid injury. Whatever, it's all largely beyond my control now!

  • You will be fine.. like the running.. steady and as slowly as the skis permit! :)

  • Oh what a fabulous secret! Love it! You could just casually say to him "you know I've been thinking of starting to run and thought I might come out with you. I know I'm not going to get very far and you'll have to run very slowly but it would,be good to see how far I can run without stopping". Then watch his face when you keep going for 30 minutes! 

    I hope he'll be suitably impressed and proud. Really well done and enjoy your holiday.

  • I love it! That's a great idea.  I've been feeling so proud of myself that I need a good idea like this to stop me just blurting it out when I see him, it's become such a huge focus in my life.  I think his face would probably be a picture, I would find keeping my breathing steady quite difficult though because I will be chuckling away to myself so much?

  • What I wouldn't give to be there to watch his face! You must post and tell us how it went. 

  • Love it.. you little devious minx!!! Well done!

  • Don't worry I think the first 5 minutes of every run are the worst it takes me that long to get a really good rhythm in pace and breathing after that I can keep going and don't think about my breathing again !! good luck ! :)  

  • Lots of people have said that, even a work colleague who is trying for the London marathon says she still finds the first two miles really hard. I just tell myself to at least get to ten minutes before checking in with how I'm feeling. I do think it is getting a little less agonising!

  • Fantastic. Well done. I agree with irishprincess idea. He will be waiting for you to stop and you don't. 😳

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