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W8 R3... very pleased

Headed out for my final run of week 8 and decided to set myself another little challenge. I have got hung up on doing over 8m/km which is not good for 5k in 30 minutes. After the warm up walk I went for it and upped the pace. I am so pleased, I ran the furthest so far and my best lap was 7min 17s so shaved 57 seconds of my best time on Tuesday! It killed me and doing this sort of pace for 30 minutes next week may be a little to much so may slow down slightly to make sure I graduate, but right now I am a very happy little Jackie :-) x

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This is a fantastic achievement Jackie, I'm so thrilled for you....and after work too!!! You will be zooming along on Sunday I'm sure but as you say, just completing the 30 mins is the main goal at the moment and graduating of course! It's the final countdown.....

Good luck for W9! Sxx


Hi Jackie-so good to hear that. Fantastic achievement. I'm just concentrating on graduating at the moment-although I did up my pace on Friday towards the end. Let's just do it! After that we can up the pace. I've got week 9 run 1 on Monday-be thinking of you.



That's so right. Get the 30 minutes and the 5k will come later. You need to get the stamina built before you can start to address the speed. You can do it, as Laura would say. Good luck with the last few runs!


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