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W8 R3


My runs seem to be one great run, one so-so run. Today's was the turn of the so-so run. Used the Southsea Parkrun route again but set off way too fast. Telling myself to lengthen those strides was possibly not a good thing. Ten minutes in I get a stitch, which is a first for me. Slow right down, drink water until it settles. Carry on to the turning point 2.5k into the run - the route is east along the prom then doubles back on itself. By this time the wind has come up a bit and I have no other option but to run straight into the headwind. All my plans of seeing how far I can run on the route go away and I can't wait to stop on the 28 minutes. Which is great, but I am left with a nice long walk to get home.

Still, onwards to W9.

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My runs have been inconsistent too - some good ones, some where I feel truly dreadful! I'm hoping that if I keep doing the Week 9 runs now, they'll end up in a bit more of a positive pattern. Time will tell. Well done for completing Week 8. I hope Week 9's a great one for you :)

CoddfishGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks GLudwig. I just saw you report from your graduation run - well done. I have enjoyed seeing you and Buffy and one or two others who are just slightly ahead of me continue to make progress. All very motivational b


there no such thing as a good run if you haven't experienced a bad one! :) (and viceversa)

CoddfishGraduate in reply to Pigivi

Thank you. Hoping I never have a really bad one!


Understood. I also can't say that each of my runs are perfectly smooth. It's frustrating, but all is fixed when you have a good one! Hang in there.

CoddfishGraduate in reply to KofG

Thank you


there are always days when you have a "bad" day/run it happens but as the saying goes "any run is a good run "

always best to start slower and build up pace if you can or stay at a slower pace to complete the timmed runs :D it took me a while to sort out running at a slower pace when needed ..

Good luck with your week9 runs hopefully the wind will be kinder :)

CoddfishGraduate in reply to Slow_Rob

Thank you. Going to Dublin for a few days (mainly for the rugby) and should complete W9 R2 and R3 there but it is forecasting gales


Good luck with week 9. I couldn't cope with the excitement during week 8! Week 9 is much calmer - and I agree certainly those around you keep you going. Now I've 'lost' my running mate, I realise how much I relied on her. To any newbies reading this - get your self a (virtual) running mate and keep posting. (Gludwig was mine and now she's a Grad. One run to go for me. There's a few of us hoping to follow in her footsteps this week).

CoddfishGraduate in reply to Buffy007

Thanks, I have been following your and GLudwig's progress, appreciating that you were just ahead and that I would learn from your experiences. It'll be a busy week or so for graduation thanks to all of us who started around the new year.

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