Week 9 is tough isn't it?



Not sure why but it was quite a tough run. I tried to go out to crack the whole 5k/30 min thing but didn't manage it today.

I managed around 4.6km in the 30 minutes which is about 6.26 mins/km. I think I may have started off a little too slowly.

I am doing my best not to feel deflated - which I completely know is silly. Week 1, running for 1 minute was a struggle, today I ran for 30 minutes at a fair (if not quick) pace. So I am chuffed. But on the other side it is a shame. Aaaargh. Silly!

It is odd how the mental barriers come up. I have run 30 minutes plus before. I have run 25 and 28 minutes for the last 2 weeks, so why did the thought of 30 minutes seem so difficult? At the halfway point, I was thinking - really? Another 15 minutes to go? It was odd as physically, I felt no different after that announcement to how I had felt immediately before - so why the sudden worry?

Keeping the pace steady according to the Garmin seemed difficult too. It didn't help that it was set to miles rather than kilometres and conversion on the fly is not my speciality. I have sorted it now, so myabe better luck next time.

That said, there are only two more runs to graduation. Now that is something to be chuffed about.


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  • It sure is. Now go slowly, carefully and safely. Worrying about time/speed/distance is all irrelevant and just gets in the way. Just chill out and think about just finishing each session

    Have fun! Enjoy those last two runs

  • Ooooh. You're, right, you're right. I know you're right.

    *stiff finger wag to self*

  • Absolutely, you're doing brilliantly! I just completed week 8 run 1 and it was really hard, but compared to week 1, it's just amazing! Keep going and don't be too hard in yourself :-D

  • Well done matey. Not long for you either, then?

  • Very, very few people can run 5K in 30 minutes by the end of C25K. Some never do. This programme is about getting to the stage where you can run consistently for 30 minutes at a time. Thinking about speed will only cause problems. Just get to W9R3 with a thirty minute run. Then start to run just a little longer to complete the 5k and take it from there.

  • Quite right. Excellent advice. Thanks. I am feeling a lot happier about it now.

  • Yes, it is tough but putting extra pressure on yourself isn't going to make it any easier. Why are you deflated? I have to admit I really don't get this rush to run 5k in 30 minutes - that's an average pace of 6m/km which is very hard work and takes quite a while to build up to unless you're already super-fit. Yes, it's a target that confirms we're really progressing but trying too hard too quickly will only end in disaster for most of us.

    You are definitely heading there but allow yourself and your body a bit of time to build the necessary strength and stamina to achieve it!

    Having said that - I'll be here to celebrate when you eventually do it... ;-)

    (just checked how long it took me to achieve - almost one year!)

  • I give in. Promise!

    I don't know why I get like this.

    I'm honestly not super competitive or anything. I wonder if it's because this goal is in sight I am looking forward to another one. This is new territory for me.

    I must ensure I reach this goal before I aim for a new one though.

    Thank you all for your great advice.

  • In a few days it's six months since I started this - I had five weeks off for hip pain in July/Aug and I can now run 2.78km in 30 minutes!!!! I'm chuffed to bits with that.

    What's the problem??!!!!!

  • Exactly.

    I'm going back to my corner now. I'll come out when I can be more sensible.

    I may be some time.

  • Teehee!!

  • It is as tough as you make it, and you are making it unnecessarily tough. rather than starting out too slowly, you did not start slowly enough, and continued not-slowly-enougher. Start really slow. Then taper off.

    Leave your Garmin at home. You have no need of it while doing C25k. The distance you cover is entirely irrelevant to the programme and there is only one factor in gauging your pace - can you maintain a conversation while running. if not you are going too fast.

    Do not confuse C25k with a 5K race. It is not.

  • 'Not-slowly-enougher'.

    Ha,ha, I like that. I will see if I can get it into next years Collins Dictionary.



    Description: The way Marc runs. (Cross reference Batman)

  • I am soooooo regretting that post right now.

    *Hides head in shame*

    W9R1. I am really, really chuffed. Back at the beginning, it seemed an unachievable target. Now here I am, 2 runs from graduation.


    Celebrate - not commiserate!

  • Been there, done that worrying about times / distance my friend! You're doing great, enjoy your last two runs. Happy running. :-)

  • Ps I think your time is impressive. But really your achievement getting to nearly the graduation run, as well as helping your son, is brilliant ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I have a feeling you might have a better shot at the 5km in 30 min if you start a bit slower. Or alternatively cheat by doing a longer warm-up, only switching on the podcast after a good few minutes of walking, and then maybe even shifting into a shuffle of sorts, so you run for 35 minutes.

    Either way, if you start slower it seems to help you make up for this in better speeds later in the run. The long warm up is just a way to be at full speed for most of the 30 minutes.

  • fraid it is another stiff finger wag here to haha the stats are great to know but really all you need to worry about is the 30 min's and only 2 to go to graduate ...

    Relax take a deep breath and go out and enjoy the last 2 runs :D

  • Was gonna say something along the same lines but think you may have got the message. LOL.

    You are doing grand my friend, 2 more runs and its graduation day for you. Just what does BM become when he graduates

    Jules xx

  • Psssst .... Have you come out of the corner yet ? :-)

    You are doing just brilliantly , Batman.

    Well done ! :-) xxx

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