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W8 R2 #fail :(

So I went out for run 2 of week 8 this morning and experienced my first fail of the programming :(!

I'm so gutted.

At about 21 minutes I was feeling overly tired, it was uphill and I had got that lower tummy pain.

I was shouting in my head, only 7 minutes- you can do this, but my traitor legs stopped.

I gave in and walked for about 4/5 minutes until my tummy eased up and then started up again.

To componsate I ran a couple of extra minutes onto the end of the time until I got back to my usual finishing place.

I think I know why I failed though. I was running at a different time to usual (morning instead of early evening).

I wasn't as hydrated as I usually am before a run.

I didn't have my wrist sweat band on. (I use one to wipe my month on instead of spitting onto the street - sorry if this is tmi)

I also think I may have started out too quick as I was struggling to get a steady pace.

Anyway, I'm going to try not to dwell on it- I'm going to pick myself up have a couple of days rest and give it another go on Tuesday.

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You didn't fail, you figured out that it's not feasible to run in the morning without drinking enough, without the kit you like and with a sprinty start. Next time you won't do that, and you will smash it!

It can be worth experimenting with where uphills fall in your run as well - I find I can do much better on uphills after I've been running for a bit, but have another friend who prefers to get ascents out of the way early on.


Thanks - you're right. Lesson learnt.

I feel so frustrated with myself though- i really wish I'd just dug deep and carried on through.


As long as you learn from it, it's not a failure. This morning I did a long run but it wasn't quite as far as I'd hoped, but I do know why and on that basis I consider it a successful failure (!!!!). Learn from it and move on, you'll get there.


Don't be disheartened. You managed 21 minutes and that's great..laura says it's better to run than no run. Get focussed and rest, and I am sure you next run will be so much better...don't lose heart :)


Each run, however bad, is training for the next one.

There are so many variables that affect our performance, that it is impossible to eradicate them all. In W6 I realised that i was going to finish all my runs on a steep hill, so altered my course, until I graduated, when it became the only way to finish a run.

Keep running, keep smiling and please don't use the F word again!


Well done you for your positive analysis - look forward to reading your post on Tues. You've come so far already. Not long now.


Sorry to hear you had a disappointing run, Sarah. I can imagine that having got through to the middle of the penultimate week without too much struggling, you found today heavy going. Like everybody has said, though, don't think of it as a failure rather than as useful experience. And go out and smash the run next time :)

As much fun, challenge and elation as C25K is, I'm realising that it'll be over in a flash, and will end up simply as the launchpad to a great life with three runs a week in it - and so much to look forward to participating in!


Thank you everyone- you've really made feel much better about it :)

Onwards and onwards right...


Oh no!! You just committed the cardinal sin... You said you failed *sharp intake of breath* No, you didn't fail, you just didn't finish the whole run the way you'd planned to. No run is ever a failure. You've already worked out what went wrong so all you need to do now is rest up and then have another go. If at first you don't succees......etc. Very very best of luck


Don't worry. We've all been there. You will smash it next time! We will wait the post with a big positive f in it!!! Hee hee!!!!


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