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W8 R3 completed

Today I got back into my three runs a week schedule although I still had to kill off the last run of week 8. Thankfully this went OK, but I was tired/glad to have reached the end of it.

Wednesday sees me start the first of week 9 runs, the full 30 minutes and I am amazed to be reaching this point as are half my office colleagues. I don't think they thought this portly 49 something could make it beyond the end of the street but here I am.

Calf muscles have a little twang to them but I think I was pushing my pace just a tad more than normal as I ended up a bit further down the street when I reach the full 28 mins.

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Well done Dev, isn't it a great feeling when we realise what we are capable of. Good luck for Week 9 , your Graduation week, how good is that ? :-) xxx


Oh wel done you , such an achievement - I'm biting at your heels as W8R3 tmr then W9 starts Thursday.

Very excited for you :)

Happy running!


Resist the urge to start going fast. You just need to finish the next three runs in one piece.

Gosh it's gone dead quick. It doesn't seem like two minutes since run 1 does it.

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Thanks for the tip :)


That's brilliant.. well done! It doesn't seem possible, does it, that this plan can make people (like me) who'd feel out of breath running a few paces, able to run non stop for 30 minutes in 9 weeks.. amazing what we're all capable of, and didn't know until we tried! My next run (tomorrow morning I think, but maybe Thursday coz my foot hurts a bit) will be Week 8 Run 3, so we'll be graduating around the same time :-)


Well done you ! Coming along nicely. You KNOW you can do it now.


Go Dev! So chuffed for you!


Well done, you'll soon be graduated.

Keep up the good work.


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