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4 miles - Very pleased, yet a little gutted!

My training rota called for a 4 mile run today, quite a bit further than the 5k I'd previously managed. I decided not to time myself, but rather to set my lovely Garmin to pace my run at between 10:30 and 11:30 per mile, as I've noticed that on longer runs, I tend to set off a little fast. I was, however, quietly hoping to come in at below 45 minutes.

The plan worked pretty well and I managed to complete the 4 miles without collapsing in a heap hallway through (I saved that until the end) and, on my cool-down walk, I checked my time - 45:02! I actually think I'd have felt better if it had said 47 or 48 minutes, rather than coming so close :)

On the other hand, I could barely walk 40 yards a fe months ago, without needing a sit–me-down

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Congratulations on your achievement, check your stats again (I had a look), your moving time was less than 45m, it take a couple of second to start and stop your Garmin before and after your run, so you did it. WooHoo :-)


Yay! Thanks Phil


Well done. I have just started so that distance and time seems like a dream to me :) :)




I only started myself in December, so you're not really that far behind me :)


Wow! That's a long time running!

I like Phil's observations - puts you right on the money!!

Ali :-)


I bought a garmin watch recently. I'm not sure if it has a pacer feature though. Not that it matters much right now because I seem to have only one speed at the moment. But anyway, congratulations on meeting your goal. :)


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