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W8 R3 failed :(


Really felt good before starting the run but failed epically.

Gold star to those of you who can do this on a treadmill!!!!! My first proper go at doing the programme on the treadmill bur found myself getting overheated in no time at all. 3 minutes into the run I could feel the sweat rolling down my face at which point I was longing for the wind in the open air. I survived to about 17 minutes of the run when the heat was so much I was beginning to feel faint at which point I slowed to a walk which I managed 5 minutes of then felt too bad to carry on. Don't think I'd set the pace too fast as I felt slower than when I run outside and I didn't even have the hills to contend with.

Will get back out in the open air and give it another go on fri

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Noooo, you used the ‘F’ word..!!! 😱

There is no such thing as ‘fail’ ... you just had an ‘alternative’ run.

You tried something new and it didn’t suit you. The same often works for treadmill runners heading outside for the first time.

Don’t give it a second thought... Get yourself back out in the fresh air on Friday and you’ll smash it..!! 😉


Ho hum. Wisdom acquired if not a tick. Onwards and outwards... bet Friday is wonderful.


Hey 1slowcoach, HeadInTheClouds is right, there really isn't any such thing as a failed run, because it's all just part of the process towards your goal of running for 30 minutes. There's no time limit for completing C25K, and I know it's frustrating, but as HITC has already said, I'm sure you'll do it next time round.

I've never tried treadmill running myself, always done outside runs, but the advantage is that after a while, when you start to tire, your body will naturally slow a little, and your pace will vary accordingly. I guess on the treadmill you don't have that option. I would say you probably did set it too fast. I remember doing one run way faster than I normally would have done, and ending up feeling a little faint and pouring with sweat (sorry, TMI!). Yeah, just slow down a bit I reckon :)

You're doing great so far, it's quite a journey, right?


I have to wear sleeveless tops and choose the treadmill right under the aircon, else I too suffer from over heating (despite always being the pine in the office who is too cold!!).

Doesn't sound like you failed at all though. Sounds like you listened to your body and gave the best effort yoy had to give. Well done!

1slowcoachGraduate in reply to VictoriaRuns

I was wearing gym clothing rather than my normal running wear so thought I would be OK. Looks like I'll stick to the outdoors but being at a hotel I wasn't confident at heading out and finding my way back lol


Aye you need plenty of fans running to dissipate the heat from your body and I always find it harder doing a run on the treadmill than outside but sometimes needs must and I'd rather run than not and if on the treadmill I usually keep it down to 5k -8k tops. I can switch off and listen to music whilst on the treadmill which gets me through the harder sessions if I'm doing intervals.

1slowcoachGraduate in reply to Tanethra

My brisk walk was 6k and increased to 7.5k for my run. Felt really comfortable with the pace and my breathing felt good also so was hoping to up my pace to 8k but the heat just got to me. Was only a hotel gym so they probably wouldn't gear up for intense training (intense for me anyway). Back to the grateful outdoors and ice today so shouldn't overheat. Praying my confidence hasn't been knocked too hard.

TanethraGraduate in reply to 1slowcoach

You'll be fine if heading outdoors today just watch out for ice and wear some layers. You've had a bit of a wobble due to running in an unfamiliar place on a treadmill, that's all in the past and you can't change it.

Have a good run


Wide blue yonder here you come 🙂 👍

As Irish-John says a run is a run is a run. it's no failure to try a different mode of running and see how you get on. It puts kms and minutes in your running bank. You have learned something about your bod and preferences...and this will hold you in good stead for your future running life

Good luck for your new run on Friday


Oh ohhhhhh...where’s my soap??!!!





There is no F word...promise...just Pratice..doesn’t matter how much practice either...all stamina & strength building...& Kms bagged...kick those gremlins into touch on Friday 🏃🏼‍♀️


Thanks for all the support. Going to be heading outside later so fingers crossed I'll keep going the distance. I know I can run for 28 minutes as I've done it before so just need to keep telling myself I can do it again.


Get back outside! I did one run on the treadmill and it wasn’t the same ... there is something about the outside that makes the running more fun.

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