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Wow, Week 4 done !

This morning I set my alarm for 7.30 am to get up and out to complete the final run of week 4. I can feel the progress that I've made since the start of the week alone (I no longer feel like I'm going to die during each run). I've well and truly got my breathing sorted and felt that during this run, I've quicken my pace slightly (now I'm just slow, rather than very slow).

For next week, I'm going to stick to the same running schedule as this week, which has been Tues, Thurs & Sat, so that I can do the dreaded week 5, run 3 next Saturday (eeek!)

I had my weigh in again on Friday and I've lost another 1lb now (9 lbs in total since C25k) :-)

Now begins my usual routine of reading how others have found week 5. This community has really helped me week in and week out so far. Reading the blogs and what other have been through and what I can expect each week is a fantastic help.

Week 5, here I come :-)

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So true Clare about the community here! We can always find support, motivation and advice here. I live in the U.S. and its amazing to find this kind of support Worldwide! Welcome to W5!!! :-)


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