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I'm new here - Week 4 Run 3 done!


This programme is amazing! 

I've gone from getting out of breath walking from the house to the car to being able to run 5 minutes without stopping and feeling ok at the end of it!

I'm really enjoying getting out into the park and watching the birds in the trees, the amazing cloud formations and the beautiful sunsets.

I'm still extremely slow, but it is definitely getting easier, and I can feel myself both getting fitter and losing weight :-)

From all your comments, next week sounds scary but doable, so I'm looking forward to that!


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Hi Helena - I just did W5R1 earlier this afternoon. It is actually slightly less in total time than the last run of W4, but the 3 x 5 minutes are a bit more of a push. It is perfectly do-able, though!


Slow is good, it's the way to go. Week 5 isn't so bad...try to keep a positive attitude and you're halfway there!

Welcome Helena. I agree, it is an amazing programme. It works! And your strategy is right: going slowly and thinking you can do it!. 

Hi I start week 5 day one today. In less than an hour in fact. I've down loaded some new tunes, packed my water and I'm gonna go for it. Wish me luck x 

HelenaShawGraduate in reply to Lyndsf

Good Luck to you :-) You sound ready for it - I look forward to hearing about it :-) Hx


Just remember you should not ever be out of breath. If you are you are running too fast. Concentrate on the distance not on the speed.  It is a great programme. Listen to Laura. She is brilliant and good luck. 

MoseyMo in reply to Hidden

I am always out of breath and that's at barely more than a walk....😐

Hidden in reply to MoseyMo

there's out of breath and out of breath. The key is could you talk and run at the same time even if you are panting for breath?


Well done - slow is good at this stage. Stick with it!


Don't be put off by scary comments, just follow Laura and you'll be fine.

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