Week 4, Run1 DONE!

Ooooh I feel lightheaded!!!! I've actually managed to run 5 minutes in a row not just once but twice. Never thought I'd see the day. I really didn't want to go out tonight but made myself do it and I'm so pleased I did. I kept it slow, I concentrated on my breathing and avoiding a stitch (must have looked funny sticking my tummy out...) but before I knew it the 5 minutes were over and I felt I could have run longer.

I'm home now, I've stretched and feel a little sore in my ankle - but elated to have got this far. Seriously can't tell you what an achievement this is!

5 Replies

  • Well done, it is an achievement. Good luck for the rest of week 4. Best wishes.

  • Well done.... I completed my first run in week 4!tonight too.... Brilliant feeling eh..??

  • Woohoo! I've just done the first day of week one yesterday and I can't move today haha, can't wait to be able to run for 5mins!

  • Well done for getting out there, sounds like you are enjoying the positive benefits, keep it up x

  • Well done - great achievement. Good luck with the rest of week 4

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