Barefoot trainers are not waterproof :- /

W8R2 this afternoon was my first run in the rain. Amazing that we haven't had any day-time rain for over 7 weeks! I thought it would be refreshing to run in the rain, but found that my trainers aren't waterproof, that my jacket keeps rain out but sweat in, and that it IS possible to be both cold and hot at the same time!

I'm finding W8 quite hard and I swore at Laura this afternoon, when she said 'well done, that's 5 minutes done'. WHAT!? YOU MEAN I'VE GOT ANOTHER 23 MINUTES TO GO! Good job I was the only person in the entire, rain-sodden park. Because, of course, everyone else was at home in the warm eating their Sunday roast, most likely. So, of course, this made me feel very smug and even more determined to keep going. And I'm sure that the last 14 minutes goes much quicker than the first 14 mins - some kind of time-warping-inverse-relationship thing.

But I figured that living in England means that I had better get used to running in the rain because that is probably going to be the norm! So.... sodden, soggy feet are going to be 'de-rigeur'!


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8 Replies

  • Standard running shoes are not waterproof either, but feet are! ;-) Soggy feet for short bursts of time are ok. And the non-waterproof running shoes will dry overnight. Mine have been wet on many runs - since I run about 50% off-road and I'm not going to risk slips and falls by jumping around puddles - and have dried out quickly.

    As for jackets - the lighter, the better in my eyes. although I've not run in one yet. I manage 30 minute short runs in my technical shirts and shorts. But for winter, I'll use my water-resistant jacket; it doesn't let *too* much rain in and doesn't stop *too* much sweat going out.

  • Yes, Swanscot - the wet feet weren't a problem tbh, cos they don't feel wet after a minute or two. And it is good to run in all sorts of conditions, cos part of the challenge is running, whatever happens.

    And as you say, feet are waterproof, as is the rest of the body!

  • Great job! I start week 8 tonight and I bet there is a swear word or two. ;-) I'm still not sure what to wear at times. I have taken a jacket, only to end up tying it around my waist soon after starting. Welcome to week 8 soon to be graduate!!!

  • Yes, gdean - the end is in sight and the journey is just beginning!

  • Great blog Viv. I was only thinking the same thing about the lack of rain myself this evening, touch wood I've so far managed to avoid any rainy runs. But as you say, this is England, it's only a matter of time.

    Well done for having the tenacity to keep on going.

  • Thanks, Chewy. I think that it's becoming obvious that this whole programme is about tenacity (great word btw) - which I think is why it feels so good. I never (so far) feel good whilst I'm doing the running, but feel great for having stuck with it, after and that, strangely, spurs me on to do the next one! Sheer bloody-minded-stubbornness!

  • Hi Vivwestie To be honest i have given up on jackets and now embrace the rain! I find you warm up pretty quickly once you are running. I did skip the cool down walk today though - it was bl****y freezing once I slowed down so I just ran to the front door! :-) Nice hot shower was very welcome!

  • Pingle - I think you're right - the jacket is just a bore. 30 minutes of being wet ain't gonna kill us, is it? And as you say, a hot shower will be very welcome and sort it all out.

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