My first free run!!

My first free run!!

Well, my first post graduate run today!! Not as exciting and liberating as McFitty 's by all accounts, but new experiences for me too!

As usual I ran after work. All day (well when wasn't concentrating on actual work) I was thinking where and how to run tonight. The only thing clear in my mind was that I would indeed run. I am determined to continue running three times a week (I try for alternate days which is actually 3 1/2 times a week, but take a two day break as needed).

Was in Glasgow for work today and on the train home still debating where to go, whether to use a familiar Laura podcast, and whether to do 30 mins or a wee bit more . I know the no more than ten percent increase a week rule and so 33 minutes was the maximum. It was raining not just drizzle but real heavy rain. Banish those gremlins! Rain is cool! And it gives me the chance to wear my running jacket which gives me pockets!!! But no long grass or muddy farm tracks tonight please!

Home. Hubby is home too and debating going out himself- he is a keen runner and cyclist these days. "Shall I come with you?" he says . "Eek" I think "no getting out if this now! Rain here we come "

Off we set after a rather long debate about a suitable route and my need for a warm up walk ( he doesn't bother !) for the first time I leave the house without my earphones . No podcast. No Laura !!! We walk five minutes which he times, then I set Strava on my phone. I'm still getting used to this but it seems a good way of measuring my actual running. Can't work out how to add a link but attach a picture of today's first screen shot.

The first thing I notice is running without the podcast means I hear how loud my feet are , I sound like an elephant galloping down the road . And my breathing is heavy and a bit rasping . An unfit out of breath elephant then!

I also miss Laura . I've always thought she has the knack of saying the right things at the right time for me and miss her encouragement and the countdowns-how much have I done?

We run out the village the other way from what I have done before, with me plod plodding along several yards behind Tim. Anyone here have a wifit? Remember than jogging programme when you run on the spot but on the tv screen you are following a cat that shows the way? It was just like that, not ever catching him up !

The no music is quite liberating . Although I kind of got used to Julie it's nice running without the constant noise, and of course with no wires blowing around annoying me!

My first real challenge is a hill. Yea I live in Perthshire so it is hilly but I avoided more than a gentle incline on the programme . This is a real upward slope . Tim waits for me to catch up , asking if I want a break (I grunt "no" as I don't want to give up!) and start teeny weeny elephant steps up the hill . " nearly there" he says "it's downhill after that passing place" I relax for a split second before he adds " then more uphill longer than this" Come back Laura . All is forgiven...

Anyway (sorry this is turning into a ramble not a run) we keep going up and down past some soggy sheep and gorgeous scenery (we are at the edge of Gleneagles) and he then announces I should run home through a farm track (often walked but never run) and he would keep going a bit more then catch me up.

"How long have we done." I pant thinking this must be about half an hour . He checks his high tech running watch thing "23 minutes!" He says.... "oh my god I think hills are a killer - I'll never make 30" I think but I keep going without a pause, passing the farm buildings and into the open grassy area towards home .

The grass is sodden . The long grass at the side of the narrowest path possible is sodden . My feet are sodden . My legs are sodden . Instead of a plodding elephant I am now a squelching elephant . On I go feeling better as there are No more hills!!

Reach the railway line , which I need to cross through a real traditional pedestrian open gate crossing . Check my phone 29 minutes 30 . I can't stop now! So near! I jog on the spot as I open the gate and look both ways for trains . I cross the tracks carefully still running but very slowly as I don't want to fall. Open the far gate and over across a very slidey wooden bridge and towards home . I know I can stop now as I've done my 30 minute target but let's try for the extra ten percent! It's only three more minutes!

The home stretch is along a track I've run many many times with a burn on one side and new houses under development in the other . I note again how far they are progressing- just like me and my running . I hold my phone peering at the screen (where are my reading glasses when I need them?) and make the 33 minutes ! Slow down to walk, not exactly a brisk one (sorry Laura) as my legs ache like mad and feel rather wobbly. But I've done it . No podcast . No lovely Laura, lots of inclines up and down, and I cracked 2.5 miles or 4 k for the first time! Still in awe of everyone who can run 5k especially on their graduation run but it's stamina not speed still for me and 4K in 33 mins is my personal record!

Onwards and upwards towards 5k!


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  • I'm in awe! I might have had pings and twangs but I certainly wasn't close to 4k. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! Well done you. AND in the rain! AND without Saint Laura. AND with hills! Go you! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Oh wow thanks McFitty ! You know how to make me feel good. ... You could be Laura!

  • I loved your post and ran it with you in my head. In awe of the hills- I know what you mean about those little steps and I'm only on what you could say is an incline or slight rise, I have avoided all actual hills. Well done!

  • Well they aren't actual hills. Just upward bits of road. Probably not that steep at all really. But boy are they hard.....

  • I would probably call them hills!

  • Ive only just finished week 3 and I think I would call them mountains.

  • Well done 4K is fab x

  • Lovely stuff. Stuffed with chilli and nachos - all out of positive feedback and / or philosophy but yaaaayyyyy!

  • Well done - sounds a brilliant run -and you describe it so well. Hills are a killer but really do make you stronger!

  • Well done, 4k is great! Sounds like a lovely run. Nice to be able to do it with your husband too. I agree, I missed Laura too but not reason why you can't use the podcasts occasionally after graduation and run on a little extra at the end if you want to.

  • Yes I think I will do that !

  • Well done Hilary, hills are tough , but they certainly build stamina !

    You did brilliantly, great effort ! :-) xxx

  • Very impressive. I too am in awe of those who can graduate with a full 5k πŸ˜€

  • I listened to a Milton Jones episode for my first post-grad run this morning - talk about surreal! :) It is a nice feeling to have the freedom to kind of do the run the way you want now, isn't it :)

  • Sounds fun and well, done - how are the feet?

  • They are good - will take a bit of time so the pounding does not hurt a lot though. Still - every day it seems a bit better :)

  • Such an entertaining post. Well done and thankfor a glimpse of life after C5K

  • I'll let you all know when k get to 5k!

  • Well done you!

    Since you're in Perthshire, can I suggest you now start to think about the Parkrun at the North Inch? It's really great. The front runners are presumably viewing the thing as a race and I see them whizzing back as I'm still heading out. They finish in half the time I take (or less, even!) BUT there are folk there of all ability levels, and children, and babies in buggies, and dogs on leads, and elderly runners. Lots of folk walk/run alternately. And no one minds. It's all about just getting out there and working on your personal best.

    I'm a beginner too and just a couple of months ahead of you but have now done eight Parkruns - the quickest (some kind of miraculous fluke I think) was 32 minutes 12 seconds, but I still walk wee bits sometimes.

    Also it's flat.

    Have I sold it to you yet? :)

  • Sounds fun... Might give it a go when I reach 5k although Saturday mornings are my long lie times .....and its early!

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