Oh Yeah Baby...Oh yeah!!!

Yes!! I did it!!! Since I graduated from C25K, my aim was to run 5K under 30 minutes. I tried several times and since I could not do it for 7 whole months, I was thinking of giving up trying to run 5K under 30 minutes but instead trying to run 10K in whatever minutes. I started running 5K twice and 10K once a week since last week. As a fellow runner recommended, I ran my 5K as fast as I could and 10K not so fast. Last two times I could do my 5K under 31 minutes but not under 30 minutes and today....it changed!

I was having second thoughts of going for a run today, after returning home from work as I had a long day. I was hungry as I did not have my usual banana in the afternoon which I have on my running days. BUT my non-running Hubby said that I should go as it might rain at the end of the week (I am yet to run in the rain)

So here I was, got all geared up and went for the run. I ran in a comfortable pace but was tired and hungry. First 2.5K was ok with an effort, and when running back the second half, I was too tired. BUT I was so determined to try to beat my own record of 30 minutes 1 second the other day and was thinking how good it would be if I could.

I ran and ran and RAN and when I stopped at 5K and looked at my Garmin, it showed that I have done my 5K today in 29 minutes 46 seconds!!!

Oh yeah..I have done it peeps I have really done it!!

I am so pleased with myself as now I know I CAN do 5K under 30 minutes.

Now the next aim is to run 10K several times more and then try to run 10K under 1 hour. How amazing would that be??!!

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  • Fantastic! And even better to have been that mental temptation not to run. I still have the voice in my head telling me I won't bother, I could stop anytime... but so far I've drowned it out for long enough to last the podcasts. You have done really well!

  • Thank you very much. Don't stop running, I know it is hard some days, I have to basically pull myself out of the Couch to run, just don't think too much about the day's run, just get ready and get out of the house as soon as you could, and once you are out you are running! Good luck!

  • Well done you.

  • Thank you very much!

  • Congratulations. Be no stopping you now. Linda x

  • Many thanks..

  • Congratulations! Running 10km will have helped your 5km time so keep it up and both your 5km and 10km times will improve.

  • Thank you Aftabs..I was just telling my Hubby about you..you are such an inspiration!! Good luck to you too!!

  • Brilliant! That's still my goal, think I will try your method of 5,5,10k and see how I get on. Well Done you woo hoo!! :)

  • Many thanks! You will achieve your goal, just like me, just keep going, good luck!! A fellow runner (I have a terrible memory, so sorry, I don't remember the name:-() told me here about running 2 fast 5K's and one slow 10K's a week. What she/he said was when you run 5K fast your strong legs help you to run your 10K, that is stamina. So that is what I am doing these days. I have been running like that for the last 2 weeks. I am sure it did help because I have been trying to run my 5K under 30 minutes for a while and here I am now have done it twice. I ran the 5K in 29 minutes 29 seconds yesterday! So keep running thunderthights, you can do it!

  • Well done you...

  • Thank you loh123!

  • What a feeeeeeeling......da da da da da daaaaa... what a feeeeeeling....!!!


  • It was a great feeling in deed danzargo...thank you:-)

  • Brilliant - well done you. And you've still got 10K in an hour to look forward to AND the great fun which is running in the rain (seriously, it is)

  • Thank you OldNed...my aim is to run 10K several times before really trying to speed up.

    Yes never run in the rain, I am sure it is fun. I am a bit worried as it will be too cold for me as I am from warm Sri Lanka originally. Even though I have been living here in England for almost 10 years, I am still a bit concerned getting wet in the cold rain, don't want to catch a cold as it will stop my running. I would love to run in the rain if it is warm rain:-)

  • Yes, warm rain is definitely better; but just think of all those muddy puddles you can run through & unleash your inner child!

  • ...still thinking OldNed, still thinking!! I am only worried that I would catch a cold!

  • Superb time - well done :-)

  • Many thanks!!

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