W6R3 Abandoned not once but twice

Hi All,

Still trying to complete W6R3 but I'm not disheartened because I haven't gave up neither run without a fight first. First W6R3 I abandoned the run at 13 minutes due to technical problems, I decided to not listen to Laura's music and used my own but after the first song the second one didn't come on as it was meant to be continuous until I've done the 25 minutes then get back to walking but whilst running and trying to sort out the technical problem, I came out of my rhyme of comfortable run and tiredness sets in I decide to abandoned the run.

Today I set out bit too late as we were expecting a storm, I thought I would make it but unfortunate I got caught right in it the rain and wind becoming heavier by now I've been running for 20 minutes non stop if only Laura said you've got 5 minutes, seconds before I would I've carried on but also my clothes started to feel heavier with the rain, I got soaked through and felt my rheumatic kicking in with the cool damp air I abandoned the run.

I'm happy that I can run for 20 minutes non stop and not dying, I would have never, ever achieved that without Laura, I also started to feel fitter than I have ever been so all good.

I shall try again on Monday but given up is not an option, I've come this far and the end is near.

Hope everyone have a great day and those who are running later good luck with it you can do it.



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  • Well done for getting out there, you sound very positive which can be hard if a run didn't go to plan but it's great that you are recognising your progress and are proud of how far you've come. We all have bad runs at times and many of the folks on here say that a good run often follows a bad one. You've only got to do 5 minutes more and then you'll be so close to 30 minute runs. Give it a go in a couple of days time and finish off week 6 :)

  • Sounds like you will finish week 6 next time. Shame about the weather. Glad you are staying positive after all of you can do 30 you can definitely do 25.โ˜บ

  • Well done for keeping going. You know what they say 3rd times a charm. ๐Ÿƒ

  • 3rd time lucky for sure - love your positive attitude, no doubt at all that with that mindset you WILL do this!

  • No giving up...just not allowed!!! :) You are being sensible and you will do this.

    Slow and steady.. the rain can be horrid with the rheumatic aches..hot shower essential and massage.. :)

    Hang in there... :)

  • Thanks so much everyone for your kind comments and encouragements. Oldfloss, I've wrapped myself warm once indoors to keep the heat in shall have a long relaxed hot bath later when I have my, me time. lol

    I'm loving the running and couldn't believe how fitter I feel since started this podcast, I would recommend it to anyone who are thinking of getting fit or losing weight it's just brilliant seeing my leg started to take shape and all extra lumps disappearing is very inspiring to keep going.

    They say exercise releases the feel good factor it certainly does to feel alive and healthy nothing can beat that.


  • Positive attitude, great determination, W6 R3 yours for the taking.โ˜บ

  • Thanks Monkey25,

    Definitely conquering W6R3. :)

  • Laura is out Benign Dictator, all praise Laura! LOL :) I was very upset with myself when I realized on one of the stages that I had missed finishing it be thirty seconds. The screen on my Android seems very sensitive and the least contact with it paused the program. So - now I run with a small cheapy kitchen timer in one hand set to the longest continuous time I need to run that day - as well as being a 'backup' it's a lot easier to check while in motion. :)

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