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Drying out trainers?

My trainers are soaked through, and I wish I could say it's because I've been slogging it through dirt, soggy mud & quagmires on todays run. Alas, it isn't.

I did go for a run, but it was a bad day and only managed 4k (not continuous) but it's better than sat at home watching TV!

When I reached the halfway point of my run, I stopped for a breather. At this point I thought I'd check out the local park for a route I'd like to do in a month or two. The route as I plan it is for a 2k run on pavement, then into the local park through grass (no paths) for another 1k or so before I end up on a track which winds its way through a golf course (public path) before getting back onto the pavement and heading home.

So anyway, the park was absolutely sodden, water logged and a muddy mess! Lots of dog walkers in their wellies and me in my running shoes. I walked for about 5 minutes through the mess and then headed back to the pavement.

So anyway, I finished my run and when I got to my front door, I noticed my trainers were filthy! Rather than feel the wrath of MrsQwest as I trudge mud through the flat, I took my shoes off and before I entered and deposited them in the bathroom sink with every intention of cleaning them later. I promptly forgot about that intention.

A few hours later and it was time to bath our two boys. The eldest (3yrs) can reach the taps and quite often, to mimic mummy, he turns the sink tap on when she turns on the bath tap. As I'm sure you've already guessed, he turned the tap on and filled my trainers with water.


So now they're soaked through and I've no idea how to dry them properly. I very much doubt they'll be dry for Monday which is when I'll go running next and I don't want to run in damp shoes, especially in this weather. My feet will get cold and I'm not a happy bunny when my feet are cold.

So any tips would be a godsend!

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Go buy a 2nd pair?! No, seriously I got another pair for wet, messy running which I know isn't what caused them to get wet (great story btw!) but is good for situations like this. Don't dry on the radiator though as that will ruin them.....maybe stuff with newspaper and leave in a warm room or under the radiator.



You know what the silly thing is? I was going to buy a second pair a few weeks back to leave in the car *just in case* but stupidly decided against it. Currently kicking myself!!!


I've found mine dry from a complete washing (inside and our) in about 24 - 36 hours. I've done it frequently when they got completely soaked or caked with mud. Take out the insoles and dry these separately., Stuff with newspaper as Sue says, and leave in a warm place. I usually put them near the radiator, not on it and take the newspaper out after overnight. If you have Goretex-lined shoes they will take longer to dry.


Ok ok , thanks for the replies.

So if I stuff them with newspaper and pop them in the airing cupboard, would that do the trick for Monday morning?


Yes that should be ideal. Maybe change the newspaper the next day as it will be damp.


I hung mine up by their laces in the conservatory but as it isn't sunny at the moment I would probably hang them in the airing cupboard instead - make sure they can't drop mud on to anything or you might get told off ;-)


I stuff mine with newspaper and then wrap a couple of sheets of newpaper around them and place them on a radiator. You just need to remember to replace the newspaper inside after several hours if they are really soaking inside as the paper will absord the water and remain wet inside.


I do stick them on top of a radiator, no newspaper or anything, just on the radiator. Mind you, they do have mesh uppers so the heat flows through them and dries them out quickly.


Newspaper changed regularly, take the insoles out and a nice overnight stay in the airing cupboard should sort them!


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