YES ... W5R3 .... Done and Dusted

OMG that was a shock when the nice lady on the podcast said "you are going to run for 20 minutes " 😳😬

So I set off, smooth and steady, nice piece of non descript music playing in my ears, 1 minute down, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, this was going great ... got to the 10 minute mark and the sudden realisation of I'm only half way through ...

Apparently, these runs are all about rain training, we have done the lead up runs, it's all about the mental realisation that we do this length of run ...

I pushed on, at 15 minutes my legs were beginning to tire a little, it would have been so easy to slow down and take it easy, decided, no pain. I gain... on I went...

It was so great to get to 18 minutes and only 2 minutes to go .. I could almost count it down, such a relief to get to the end, and the 5 minute walk....

I'm. It going to say I enjoyed it, because I didn't, it was tough, but that was 4 hours ago, and now looking back I can say it wasn't that hard, and while it wasn't enjoyable, it's not to be feared ... bring on week 6 ...

I know the first two runs are same old same old, but the third run is a challenge I'm now looking forward to ... 25 minutes ... OMG, I might be a runner yet ... !!!!



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  • Well done, handled with confidence and aplomb, sir.

    W6R1 is not quite the same old same old as you say, so be warned.

    Relish the challenge!

  • Thanks Ian ... actually looking forward to week 6 ... πŸ™„

  • As IannodaTruffe says, W6 run 1 and 2 aren't same old, same old, I actually found them harder than W5R3, it always seemed to throw the timing off for my breathing.

    Well done though, W6, enjoy it.

  • Thanks Lee, as I just said to Ian, I'm looking forward to Week 6 ... πŸ™„

  • cracked it both physically & mentally, well done...but I have to agree with IannodaTruffe when he says be warned....!! Keep it slow & steady in week 6 πŸ˜‰

  • I will Mum, I know I'm still a beginner, slow and steady ... 😘

  • Even us that aren’t quite beginners are still learning...& still have to do slow...sounds like you’re enjoying it though, that’s the main thing...nice place to run Yorkshire...I love it 😊

  • I am enjoying it, I think I'm becoming mentally impaired πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, love Yorkshire too, Mum ...

  • Lol Christene ..something mental has def happened here too! Never ever did I think I’d look forward to running,!! πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  • Well done cobblers! My W5R2 tomorrow in Crete - I have however managed to locate a gym I'm the hotel so it may be a treadmill one for me as I'm perched high on a hill and font fancy the run. back up! Happy running everyone!

  • Hey Sadie, Thanks for your kind words, I did that last week when I was in Spain, it makes sense ...

  • Yay! Great feeling isn't it. Still glowing about my Wk5 R3 on Thursday. Will be out first thing tomorrow tackling Wk6.

    Go you!

  • Thanks Fitter, and good luck with Week 6

  • Really well doneπŸ‘ I have just completed W4R3 and while everything has gone okay so far I am dreading W5R3.

  • Don't Dread it Jenny, try to enjoy it, but it isn't t easy ...

  • Well done! πŸ˜€

  • Thanks Sue, where are you in the program ...

  • As you can see by my nice badge I am a proud graduate! Completed programme March 2016. It is such a great programme - keep up the good work πŸ‘

  • That's fantastic, I bet you have a big grin πŸ˜€

  • Thank you, and, sure have Carolyn, I'm well chuffed with my progress so far, doesn't seem two minutes since I was huffing and puffing through week 1 ... how are you doing ...

  • I'm one week ahead of you! Enjoyed my run this week but found w6r1 quite hard. Take it slow and steady 😊

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