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WK3 R1 Knackered!/ Breathing/ forest or field ?

sorry put this in the blog section by mistake.

After doing WK1 and Wk 2 runs twice over (got man flu at start of WK2 so started all over again) I have today jogged the WK3 R1 and soooo nearly didn't finish, but did! My legs were like lead and trying not to trip over my Jack Russell every other step in the forest did not help. I think I need to get on the playing fields to make it a little easier next time other wise I'm not sure I can do it again. Also apart from my back giving me a bit of trouble (which I can jog through the pain) I cannot get my breathing right, the four steps breath in and four out don't work for me.. any other tips on breathing please?

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I get myself all in a tangle with that four step breathing stuff. I just try and concentrate on breathing as slowly and deeply as I can, if I don't concentrate I end up breathing too shallow and then I get a stitch. Hope this helps.


Try not to concentrate on controlling your breathing, just get into a steady pace and let your body breathe at its own rate - you'll find your own rhythm and notice after a minute or two that you're breathing in and out at a steady rate and one which suits your body.

It's great that you've kept going. Maybe go out without the dog - so that you have one less distraction/worry. 'Leg's like lead' seems to be a pretty much constant factor of running for me so far - but it's not terminal. I just focus on the fact that the more I do the easier it will become ... eventually ;-)


Four steps a breath was faster running than I could do, so don't worry about the timing. However, the breathing method Laura recommends is worth using. Check out an earlier blog of mine called "some things I found useful" and you will find instructions for that. It will help prevent stitch and improve lung capacity. You need to push out your stomach to drop the diaphragm and expand the lungs when breathing in and pull in your stomach to raise the diaphragm and squeeze the lungs when breathng out. Well done on keeping going! :)


I'v never got the 'Laura' breathing either. Still breathe through my mouth and get the air in any old way ! It's been discussed here before and I think the consensus is not to worry too much at least in the early days.

I had the old leaden legs too for quite a while and to be honest thought it was just the way things were going to be and then suddenly round about week 8 it disappeared! Also used to be very stiff the morning after a run but recently that too is much improved. Maybe the answer is that it takes the body more than 9 weeks to readjust after 45 years of doing no exercise! Do try to do some stretches though and make sure you have decent shoes designed for running. You've already come a long way. I thought I was going to die after week 1 and the idea that I can run for 30 mins (and I can!) is still amazing to me. Good luck! :-)


Thanks for all the replies and support. Off for WK3 R3 tomorrow! ..but without a dog and on the playing fields. :-)


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