Breathing - nose or mouth?

I just did the first run of Week 5, and was interested to hear Laura's advice to breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth. I realise that up until now I've been breathing in and out both through my mouth. This has worked fine for me so far - I hadn't really thought about it, which I guess is a good thing. But I wondered if there might be a reason why it's preferable to inhale through the nose? If it's better, I guess I can retrain myself. If it's not important, I'd be glad to stick with what I've been doing as it feels natural. Any advice would be really welcome! Thanks.


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13 Replies

  • I've always breathed through my mouth! Find it much easier

  • And you're a graduate ! Great - it must work then! Thanks.

  • I always breathe in through my nose - less chance of inhaling midgies lol

  • I breathe in thro my nose as long as I can but when I'm puffed I can't and just breathe thro my mouth. I think whatever's most comfortable for you is fine - as long as there aren't too many midgies around :-) Got one in my eye on Tuesday which relieved the monotony for a while anyway!

  • Yuk but you made me laugh!

    I'm in and out thru mouth so it's only a matter of time!!!

  • Somewhere in the back of my mind I think someone told me that you should breathe in through your nose because it filters and warms the air. Also thinking about how your breathing takes your mind of running for a while.

  • I usually breathe through my mouth as I can't seem to get enough air in when I try to breathe in through my nose. It does mean occasional insect snacks though. :O We're told we 'should' breathe in through the nose, but I'm not really sure why (other than the insect issue). However, I read this yesterday in my running book :

    "Breathe in and out through your mouth...The easiest way to get the air in is through the largest hole. Trying to breathe through your nose is like breathing through a straw." (The New Runner - John Bingham & Jenny Hadfield)

    That seems like good enough reason to continue breathing in/out through my mouth. :D

  • Thanks for the quote! That is exactly how I feel when I try to breathe through my nose when running!

  • I'd die of asphyxiation if I tried to run and breathe through my nose - I think I have a weird nose that just doesn't let enough air in! It's also part of the reason that I hated cross-country at school cos I was told to breathe in through my nose and I just couldn't. I notice a few marathon runners I've seen on tv have those anti-snoring things on to hold their noses a bit further open, maybe that would help! :-) Legion's book quote seems like a clincher for me!

  • Thank you all - really helpful. I too have had the insect snack attack - which caused more distress to the passerby who witnessed me spitting it out than to me - but I feel reassured to know there are other mouth breathers out there, who've managed C25K successfully.

  • mouth breather here too.. W5R1 today and had the Laura chat of nose breathing.. so tried it and thought it was like trying to run breathing through a snorkel... never again

  • For me in the early days it was definitely a question of getting enough air in any way that worked. I think if you are going at a comfortable pace and not really pushing yourself then breathing in through your nose is probably the ideal. Since my comfortable pace at the start was lying on the couch I be there yet if I hadn't breathed through my mouth! ;-)

  • If you are ever running outside in cold air your lungs will hurt if you don't breathe through your nose. So if you are a mouth breather you may need a scarf or something similar to warm the air as you breathe in!

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