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Breathing issue...WK4 R1

So i just failed wk 4 r1, the last five min run was a killer so i slowed about 30 seconds before it okay maybe not a complete fail. I didnt slow due to my legs being tired although they were but not enough to want to stop, i had to slow because i couldnt breath, although i was taking deep breaths my chest was really tight. Im going to try again after my rest day but what im concerned about is my breathing i finished about 30mins ago and if i take a deep breath now theres a wheezing too. I had asthma as a child but i think this may just be from working to hard any ideas? Thanks

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I take it your running outside njw and this cold winter weather can be very hard on your lungs etc. I'm asthmatic and have taken to wearing a Buff around my mouth and nose when its really cold just until my airways get used to it, it really has helped. The secret of breathing I think though is to relax, once you forget about the breathing and do it naturally things will get easier I'm sure. If you are heading for a hill take a few deeper breaths and continue with them as long as you can, that will get more oxygen to your body and legs. I always end up taking shorter breaths if I have a long climb but so long as I relax at the top the breathing settles down again to a steady rhythm. Hope this helps a bit and good luck withn the rest of the programme.


Oldgirl is a very wise woman and I echo her advice. I find once I relax and find my rhythm, my breathing levels as well. Maybe you pushed yourself a bit much today? Remember also, there is no harm in slowing down. Gayle


Thank you, i actually dont run outside as im a wimp lol so i do it on the treadmill, but i will take the next one a little slower and be sure to try and keep relaxed, as soon as i started the cool down my chest eased up so i was probably up tight about trying to push myself for the last 30 seconds which seemed to take forever. Thank you. Natalie xx


If you had asthma as a child, there is always a chance that it could return, this could be exercise induced asthma especially if you're still wheezing 30 minutes later. See how you go next run but it might be worth making an appointment with your doctor or practice nurse to see if you would benefit from a couple of puffs of a bronchodilator (usually ventolin) before you start running. You might find you can run a lot better after that. I think I want one!!!


Likely to be excercise induced asthma. njw. it may however, be only bronchospasm caused by the cold weather. I get this and it goes after 1 hour

Don't despair though, try again. and if it continues go to the GP.

You probably not got any inhalers if you had asthma as a child.



Watch out! Thinking issue, as much as a breathing issue!

"So i just failed wk 4 r1, the last five min run was a killer so i slowed about 30 seconds before it okay maybe not a complete fail."

Doesn't sound like a fail at all, more like a "pushing a bit too hard for this point in the programme" issue - be kind to yourself! :) Try a wee bit slower and steadier, and it'll be much easier. Your lungs and heart etc etc need to adapt to the new demands you're making. Take it gently now, and you may well get there faster in the end. :)


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