Delighted - just run 1st 10k and weather was joyful

I have just run my first 10k and wanted to share for all those who never thought they would make it to the end of the programme. I took 9 months to graduate and have been running 5k about 3-4 times a week since September. I have been upping the distance at weekends for a while and have just done 10k which I never even dreamed of when I started the programme. I actually headed out for a 5k but the weather was so amazing that I kept going - bright sunshine, then rain (good as I was hot), then hail (which was fun), then more sunshine - lovely when you get such a good run and the weather helps out :-) Good running to you all out there.

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  • Sounds fantastic! Well done on your 10k run xx

  • Thank you

  • That's brilliant sprynn well done. That makes me realise that this may be possible for me one day x

  • Wow that's amazing and really encouraging.Well done.

  • Perfect... Beautiful.. That's what it's all about.

  • Well done, sounds like a fab run.

  • That's fantastic! If I think I'm stopping at 5km, I find it *so* hard to go further! 10km, just on the pure enjoyment of being in the moment... brilliant!! Well done!

  • Know just what you mean. I'm running a 10k race, my first one and I'm 61 years old and I was worried about letting people down as I'd never run 10k. So the other day I was supposed to do an easy 20miute run but I set off the weather was lovely and I just kept on running and 9.4 k and 1 hour 16minutes later I was doing my cool down inwardly and outwardly smiling. I felt as though I could have run forever it was brilliant and I didn't notice the time, the weather or the distance ,until I stopped and I didn't even feel stiff next day. Bring on 10k can't wait.

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