W0W - My first 10k race and I wasn't even last!

I did it! I finished a proper 10k road race. I didn't run the whole way, since half the course was steeply uphill to an elevation of 168 metres! I started off running it, but when I was overtaken by (what looked like) an octogenerian who was walking - although he was obviously a seasoned runner, I figured that it was time to walk too, LOL! I'd overtaken him earlier on, but he ended up finishing some way ahead of me in the end. I also overtook another lady and I couldn't hear her behind me after a while - but she finished too. I had thought that she was the last in, but when we were in the hall afterwards, for a very welcome tea and cake, they announced at about the 2 hour mark that the last runner had just crossed the finishing line - so I wasn't even second to last! Yippee.

The marshalls were fantastic - very encouraging - clapping and cheering and keeping you going.

The winner ran it in 33 minutes! He lapped me at about the 4.5k mark, which meant that he ran 10k in less time than it took me to run 5! Mind you he was a fit, young man and was a joy to watch.

Although I didn't run all the way (probably about 2/3rds in total) I am very chuffed that I managed the whole 10k, when 4 months ago, at the age of 50 and pretty unfit, I could barely run 100 metres.

I'm suffering now a bit, but planning a half-marathon next. But I'll choose one on the flat so that I can run the whole way.

Once again, I marvel at the success of this programme and its effectiveness. So, if any of you reading this have just started or are doubting that you can do it, DON'T! If I can do 10k in less than 4 months, you can get to 5k in 9 weeks. I promise.


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28 Replies

  • Fantastic achievement, well done you!! Bet you are still smiling!!!

  • Thanks, Ali - I'm bloody hungry!

  • Congratulations! Great for you. 168m is quite a climb. I know - as that is what I have to do when I run into my local woods!

  • Bloody hell, I don't know how you do that so often! Good training though, eh?

  • I don't! I run in my not-so-local woods to avoid this ;-)

    I've only run in the woods that start about 200m from my house a couple of times.

  • Fantastic, Viv!!! I am sure that you are indeed, quite chuffed!!! Heck, I am quite chuffed just reading about your run!!! Absolutely incredible!! Your success has just put quite a smile on my face, so I can only imagine how you must be beaming now!!!

    i am glad that you mention the young man that passed you and that he was quite a sight to enjoy. Mind you, I am not into men, but I do understand the joys of getting passed by a fit, young female!! The best part about being old and slow is the view from the back, wouldn't you say??? ;-)

    I have set New Year's Day as my first full 10K run. I see that as a great way to start a new year!! I must say, "Thank You!!" Reading your blog today is definitely a motivation and inspiration for me!!

    Brilliant...simply brilliant!!! :-)

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Well, first off, Steve - I was looking at his running style! ;-). Actually, I was - he was running completely on his forefoot - very effective - he looked like he was just lightly tripping along.

    I can't wait to read your blog following your 10k on New Year's Day!

  • Well done Viv, I bet you're buzzing, and rightly so! (I can't believe people can run that in 33 mins!)

  • Neither can I! I was saying to my husband that it takes us nearly 20 minutes to drive to the next town which is 7 miles away and he ran 1 mile less than that in only 13 minutes more!

  • Really well done, feels great doesn't it ? ;-)

  • It does - although I'm feeling it now!

  • FANTASTIC! Sounds like a great experience, I have got my 3rd 10k next Sunday. Then a 5 mile run on Boxing Day, and then (gulp) then a 10miler planned for Feb :-P

    Have entered Cardiff half but got plenty of time for that as its in October - fancy joining me?

    Andrea x

  • Hey Andrea - best of luck for Sunday - your 3rd, you say? Wow. All the best for that and for the 10 miler (the 5 miler on boxing day will be like a stroll for you, won't it?!).

    I'd love to join you in October for the Cardiff half, but I live in Sussex!

    I'm just signing up for the Eastbourne half marathon on 3rd March (gulp!)

  • Andrea, you'll enjoy that 5 miler on Boxing Day. It's a great day to get out of the house and live life to the full!

  • Wow Viv that's fantastic!! I doff my hat to you with big respect! You are a real inspiration. I haven't even run in a 5k race let alone 10k......something I have to rectify in the new year....... Sx

  • And I bet you'll storm it!

  • Flipping heck Viv, well done!!!!

  • Thank you, Isabella.

  • Well done Viv! I might join you for that Eastbourne half as I couldn't run mine this year :)

  • that would be brilliant!

  • Wow, I'm mightily impressed Viv!

    You are an inspiration - I haven't run for 2 weeks and am struggling to knock those barriers down, namely the weather, the dark, the children, work and anything else I can think of so back to the smelly trainers this week with your achievement in mind, Well Done !!!

  • Well, Mrs Moose - I expect to see a blog VERY SOON about how you got out and ran again and had the best time after 2 weeks off? Alright? I SAID "ALRIGHT?!?" ;-)

  • Brilliant Viv! 10 ! Wooooo hoooo! Brava!!!!!!!

  • Cheers, Delia.

  • Wow 10k how fantastic. My newphew can run 10K in a minute more than it takes me to run 5k I try not to get depressed and say that he got his running skills from me! I cant say what running style he has, don't wear my glasses to run and he moves to fast for me to see ;-). Have only run 5k so far but maybe I will try 10k in the New Year, you have inspired me. Good luck training for your half marathon I look forward to reading all about it! :-D

  • Too right, Rolphie - you're obviously a great example to you nephew.

    Good luck with the 10K - I have to say that the marshalls were fantastic and had it not been for them, I wouldn't have kept going. They really did make it - I don't know how they stay so encouraging.

  • Congratulations Viv, you're an inspiration to us 50 somethings! I'm 51 and working up to my first 10k - not a race mind, just on my own. I know what you mean about tired. I did 8k yesterday and today I feel as though I could sleep standing up! Perhaps we need to eat more carbs?

    Brave you to sign up for a half marathon - very best of luck. Isn't this programme great?!!

  • It certainly is, Nevertoolate. And you could well be right about the carbs - one thing I forgot to do on the day of the 10k, was eat! I had a slice of toast and a satsuma about 2 hours beforehand. Doh!

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