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Race for Life - thanks c25k!

Did race for life yesterday and was really chuffed to get round the course in 37mins which is the best I've done so far at a 5k. (my gps thing said it was only 4.8kms but I still felt good) Thanks to all you guys who gave me advice for running in hot weather - as it turned out it wasn't as hot as I thought it would be so I coped fine without the hat and glasses.

I found it quite tough running alongside other people though. Not only because some were repeatedly zooming past me then stopping right in my path to walk ( :( ) but because whenever anyone stopped near me, I had a really strong compulsion to stop with them and walk.

It was a great event and I was really thrilled to have achieved my (first) goal which was to be able to run this year's race for life! :D

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Well done with your Race for Life and what a great time too. I'm yet to run with anyone else so I hadn't really thought about other people just stopping right in front of you. What a pain! I get a strong compulsion to stop whenever I see a park bench. Lol. So that's your first goal ticked off, what plans have you got next? Claire. X


Congrats! That is my goal too, doing my Race for Life on 14th July. Any suggestions?? Aim is to run the race under 30 minutes..we will see, I have never run that faster as yet! Heard that you can't listen to music when you it true??

I have never run with anyone as yet so yet to experience running with a crowed. I might do a Park Run before doping the race.

What are your other goals? Maybe a half marathon??

Good luck to you for all your runs!!


Not heard anything about not being allowed music. Loads of people had headphones in and I certainly had my supportive c25k podcast on for moral support.

Good luck with the run - hope you manage it in the time you want but don't beat myself up if you don't. As it was my first race i was aiming for a good time, but it felt a bit lonely running on my own. Looking forward to being able to be a bit more relaxed about it next year and run/walk with the girls. :-D

Think a half marathon is more than im aiming for! Im working towards a faster 5k for now and aiming to establish 3x30 min runs into my normal routine. I might try a park run but need to find a fairly flat one! :-)


Thank you! Good luck to you for your runs!!


Very well done! I'm doing RFL on July 14th too, so found your blog very useful. It sounds like you did it in a really good time, too. Congratulations.


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