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A new acquaintance and new PB all in a morning run

Ran in the Hastings race for life yesterday, with my running buddy icandothistoo and tjflute who we met for the first time.

What a great experience, just before the race it poured with rain, then stopped as we gathered in the park, then whilst running the sun shone.

The paths on the course around the park were narrow so had to run around people, not use to that, and we had to run through puddles and along a very uphill muddy path, not use to that either.

Anyway unbelievably i crossed the line in 33:24, i'm still in shock, and was immediately congratulated by tjflute and icandothistoo, both had run incredible times considering the wet muddy paths we were faced with.

I ache today, probably due to the fact i did not end with my 5 min walk!

It was great to meet another C25k runner, hopefully that wont be the last time, and when the aches have gone will be trying to get my 5k time down to 30mins, (think i will go back to the seafront where its flat and dry)

Then....... well reading icandothistoo's post we are going to train for 10K !! :)

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Wow, what a fab time! :)


Good work!


Sounds like it was a great day all round! Well done, you did brilliant!


A lovely blog; it was a great morning and it made it very special that we all did really well with our times. I'm still aching and struggling to walk!!


Wonderful! You did a great time especially as there were hills AND mud! :)


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