A lovely day for a run and a 10k PB

What a smashing morning it's been! Two weeks ago I ran 10k for the first time, quite unexpectedly - I'd just gone for a slow, comfortable run to see if I could reach 8k as a training run, and I found myself able to keep going, and hit 10k in 1:16:33. I was so pleased with myself I signed up for a local 10k race, Run Jericho, in June. Last Monday I set out to make sure it wasn't a fluke, and tried running it with an average pace target in mind, and did it again, faster (or less slow, at least) in 1:12:31. Now I have it in mind to make Monday my 10k day.

I set out this morning not sure what shape I was in (4 runs in the last week, with Parkrun on Saturday and a long walk yesterday) with the sun shining and the temperature really nice. Again, I was running to an average pace - 7:30 to start with and see how I felt. After the first couple of K I'd got my rhythm going, and the pace seemed ok, around 7:25-7:30, then I noticed that my Garmin was telling me the pace was picking up, though I hadn't really noticed it. Looking at my splits afterwards, I could see that k3 was just over 7min pace, k4 slower at 7:24 (this must have been when I got to that pesky heavy iron kissing gate and theree were a group of Japanese tourists trying to work out how to get through it and I had to wait for them), k 5 and 6 were 7:11 and 7:01, then shockingly, my pace upped from k7 to 6:43, 6:40, 6:48 and 6:48. I was really pleased with myself that even though my legs were starting to feel a bit tired, I kept a good constant pace going.

Final time for the 10k was 1:10:29, so in consecutive weeks, it's gone down by around 4 and 2 minutes (6 in total. The myAsics plan I'm roughly following told me it would have me running 10k in 1:11:18 by 21st June!

I feel great, and I simply *loved* that run. I even put my tongue in my cheek and follwed the 10% increase rule by jogging on for another k!

My run - connect.garmin.com/modern/a...


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19 Replies

  • Sounds like a smashing run Steve!

    I plan to start aiming for 10K by starting B210K tomorrow. I've probably left it a bit late to get up to snuff in time for the Jericho - maybe next time.

  • Good luck with the bridge plan. I was intending to do one of those to build up to 10k, but I just kind of accidentally ran the distance from a previous furthest of 5.6k without much trouble!

  • Well done that man! Sounds a great run Steve and a fab improvement week on week.

    Don't you just hate it when you get held up on a run?

  • The thing is, you can see from a distance that you're going to have a problem, but there's not much you can do about it. I was a bit assertive about it and used runners' privilege to bypass them as much as I could.

  • Runners' privilege? Is there such a thing?

  • There is now :)

  • Good stuff Steve! I'm really enjoying watch everyone I have on Garmin Connect progress with their running. I also love how our times are so similar, in that you're marginally ahead on the 5k and I on the 10k! like having a virtual running partner haha

  • It does make it more interesting, yes - and spurs you on a little.

  • particularly when my 10k PB is 1 whole second ahead of yours, haha (just noticed!)

  • My 10k PB is.................. oh wait, I haven't run more than 3k yet without stopping.

    I am coming for both of you though.


  • challenge accepted - check out Garmin Connect for your next 5k target ;)

  • I saw it just now. Great run!

    We have a huge hill nearby, I will just run/fall down that ;)

  • WoW!! Fab time and gorgeous run by the sound of it :-) Well done and well-deserved :-)

    I'm trying to build to 10K for July - bearing in mind that I'm very slow (PR PB 35:56 this week), last Monday did 6.5K. I'll be doing minimum 6.5K again tonight, but want to keep my pace up - I seemed to subconsciously slow down last week to be sure I could go the distance. I use the C25K+ podcasts - I'm going to try and play the stamina one twice tonight to get me through - If I still feel OK I'll see if I can get to 7 or 7.5 :-)

  • I think there's a mental aspect to it - it's a real advantage to know you *can* run 10k, whatever the speed/time, then build on that platform.

    I don't think your 5k time is particularly slow - don't understate your achievements!

  • Sounds like you had a great time.

    Are you still following the MyAsics plan?

  • I did, Dunder. It's a great feeling to run long.

    I'm kind of following the myAsics plan. I'm recording my runs on it, and telling it about the runs in the plan that I don't run. I've done 7/49 runs, and 44/297 Km. I think in the weeks leading up to my race, I'll fully switch to it. I haven't been strictly following it so far because it interferes with Parkrun.

  • Good stuff.

    If all goes to plan, I will shortly be looking for an HM training plan. I have been playing around with MyAsics. I plugged in some figures which I think/hope will be realistic when it comes to starting a plan only for it to spit out a jogging pace (lots of jogs early in the plan) of 10:15 per Km. I couldn't walk that slow!

  • I have the same problem with ridiculously slow jogs. Not taking too much notice of them at the moment.

  • I just cover the distance on those ones and ignore their pacing

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