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100 dead snails and a new 10k PB

Dear snails, I am really sorry I crushed you all to death but when you are running there is no time for snail diversions, especially when you are gathered together in large groups in the middle of the pavement sliming around ...


heres my lowdown list:

1. Very unproductive ( but actually rather enjoyable) day at work left me fired up and ready for some running action

2. Did my usual route on the Strawberry line so I knew my milestones.

3. It was absolutely pouring and I was soaked all over but it felt so free..the rain was lashing accross my face and there was this amazing fresh smell in the air. The wind was blowing and I just felt so alive and strong.

4. I went through a fair ammount of puddles so feet were soggy but again I didn't care

5. I had my water and vaseline on my lips so they didn't get dry so all was well in Juicy's world

6. I managed 10k in 1 hour and 6 minutes beating my PB so I'm pleased.I could have just kept going.

7. Downside was no running buddy, he was tired as he had sports day today

8. Silky Steve kept me going and kept me company

sorry snails


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If there was a Snail Court in session you would be up for murder. Alas, you;re in luck...there isn;t such a thing!!

Well done running through the rain. Hoped you felt a massive rush of endorphines as your soaked frame squelched through the front door.

I can only dream of 10K. It's all I can muster to claw 5K out of my exhausted body!


It has been pointed out that I'm cruel....

You will get there no probs at all


That sounds blissful - I love running in the rain ! I find it really liberating - or perhaps I'm just a bit strange...

I don't think I could have stomped on all the snails though and I really don't like slugs :-(

Well done !


It was fabulous and liberating and yes I'm clearly an evil murderer!!


Lol... You and your lists...

1. Some of the most unproductive days can also be your best days too.

2. Are there actually any Strawberry's on the strawberry line?

3. am not to keen on wet runs either, but we're in Wales in august so am going to have to get had to them.

4. Not in your new trainers I hope?

5. !!! No comment!!!

6. So so so well done it feels so good when you nail your run and do a pb too.

7. sports days .... I hated them.

8. Have got Steve but he sounds like a mad man... Some of them are at 190BPM FFS I ask you

Poor snails... Happy running.


100 .... You actually counted them all? Is that like counting sheep before sleep, count crushed snails to get through your run?


It was a question of averages, ratios and a good eye for detail.. Like any good spreadsheet person would know..


1. It was very good

2. Not seen any, you've got a point I'm going to complain

3. Sounds fun

4. YES!! I am not happy

5. Needs must

6. It SOOO does

7. So did I. Not my thing

8. He isn't that mad I think he's quite sweet in a hard way

I didn't mean to kill them- honestly


Brilliant run - well done. But oooh I hate running in the rain. Brrrrr!


Oh yes I remember you saying that before. You need to approach it differently, like embracing a new sensation?


Nah - I need to approach it like the delicate flower that I am :) Rain rain go away, gonna run a different day.

Shivering just thinking about it. Yeuch! I guess this makes me a bit of a wimp ...


Nah I guess you just don't like rain?!! One day perhaps?


Think its more like Scottish rain feels like someone is whacking you over the face with a handful of thistles, but Devon rain is like soft delicate dandylions just brushing past your face! ....


I guess it's the rain being 10 below zero here even mid-summer. And blowing a freezing gale on the hill too. I could use it as a fine excuse to warm up with a Scotch. Except I don't like that either. :)


Or the other half bottle of red....

.... Any more thoughts on the club? .... Would be so good to have a nationwide gathering?


Oh dear!! I have to say I loved going out in the snow, that felt amazing on the face. It sounds amazing there I love dramatic weather. It's very boring weather here in Bristol


I did my b210k 6.44km run tonight hopping & dodging over all the snails; just cannot stand that 'crunch' underfoot! :-)

This was a bit of a task as it was pouring with rain as the run started, and they were everywhere, but as I have about a thousand living in the grass on my driveway I get that crunchy feeling most mornings when I leave early for my early shifts and have no time to avoid them in the grass! :-(


They were everywhere weren't they?!!! And really disgusting hearing that crunch and then the sliming!


Tsk, all that garlicky protein wasted underfoot when it could have been a fat-free nutritious supper! ;-)

I like running in the rain too, but I suppose one probably has to qualify that by saying when it's warm. I think it could be pretty miserable running when soaking and cold.

I don't think I have Silky Steve's offering. I have Chrissie Wellington, who's pretty fierce, Martin Yelling, who doesn't, and Feeling Free (1 hour @ 160bpm). They're all good.


Whilst I'm always up for trying out new things I think eating common pavement snails pushes even my limits!!

The music sounds great!!


I love running in the rain it reminds me of rainy camping holidays and when you are wet it does not matter.

The birds would have been grateful that you opened the snails up for them, so you have been helping the circle of life.

Nice PB - well done - have a good weekend :-)


Awww thank you, I'm glad you see the benefits of my snail destruction (sorry) . I hope the birds were happy though. I agree, I love being wet and it's the perfect opportunity to be at one with the elements. How are you doing?? Take care and have a great weekend



Well done with that new time. Shame about the snails though. I don't mind running in the rain at all though getting soggy feet doesn't sound much fun.


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