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Parks Run 3 and a PB


Nearly didn’t go today as back did not feel good, my own fault, over did it with a core exercise yesterday. But I thought well just give it a go, you can always walk.

Really busy day with over 200 runners - got caught in a rush at the beginning and going too fast but settled and tracked a runner I had followed last week.

You soon get to recognise the people who run at a similar pace. Tracked him and then a girl with plaits. Chatted and turned out she was C25K runner on her second PRun. She ran past me near the end shouting encouragement all the way to the finish where we both agreed we felt sick 😅. As always the feeling passed and felt euphoric that I’d been able to push myself and didn’t chicken out.

The body is an amazing thing and the only thing holding it back is your mind!

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parkrun --one word , all lower case letters even at the start of a sentence :) There are simply some things that we all must get right

ebcroquet in reply to Bazza1234

Oh Bazza, I stand corrected, well walking dogs actually. It has been noted, a pedant after my own heart 🤣


100% correct. Our bodies can do so much more than we think!!

Fabulous. Well done you!! 👍💪👏😊


Woohoo fantastic! What a success however you spell it!! 😃

I don't think that we give our bodies enough credit usually. Mine's pretty darn wonderful but it's not readily apparent to most and it's only this programme that's made ME realise! Don't you think that it's amazing the speed at which your body, all but neglected for yonks, says, "Oh, you want me to do that! Well, hang on a mo and I'll do the best I can!" I feel that my mind has joined the party now (most of the time) so it's all a lot easier and very enjoyable! And, because I am, as many of us are, eSteam Driven, the fact that my man is proud of me too is doing me no end of good.

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