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Week 3 Completed – Running in the Rain make me a true runner right?

The alarm went off as usual today at 05.55 and my first thought was “my god it’s dark today” At first my partner said he was going to rest and not come with me but eventually he changed his mind.

This is the first time I’ve ran with anyone else as I usually run on my own. As we left the house it started to drizzle and then the drizzle soon became proper rain. Now this sounds silly but I have always avoided running or walking in the rain but I actually enjoyed it, it was lovely and cooling. Rain will no longer be an excuse for not running :-)

My partner was very good and let me run at my own pace (i.e. slooooow) and would come back to me to walk together. As I’m sitting here now writing this, today’s run was a little easier I think. I’m still dreading the move to running 5 minutes next week though but I’m keeping my faith in the programme.

I was also quite pleased because my partner has a relatively active job role and he said that at times, he found the three minutes a struggle :-)

I’ve weighed in again this morning and although I’ve remained the same weight as last week, I’ve lost more inches (see below) total loss so far is in brackets

Weight loss – 0lbs (8lbs in total)

Chest – 1 inch (2 inches in total)

Waist – ½ inch (2 inches in total)

Hip – ½ inch (2 inches in total)

I’m really pleased with my progress so far. My partner even told me last night that he could tell that I’ve lost weight, which is a real incentive.

My next run is W4R1 on Monday, so wish me luck for then :-)

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I was pleased to see your blog this morning as I decided to run this morning in the rain mainly because it's friday, it was the last run of WK4 and i am planning to now have 2 days rest. Anyway, I felt really stupid as men walking dogs kept stopping and saying that i was going to get wet. To be honest now that i am home, i realised that I did get wet but hadn't really noticed as i was busy running. I feel as though I've been naughty by running in the rain because of other people's comments. However I also feel that it is my sheer motivation to complete the plan that took me into the rain. Good luck with WK 4 it is hard but well worth it when Laura says you have run 16 minutes, it's amazing given when i started i could only just manage 60 seconds. Well done on your weight loss, i'm sure it is well deserved.


I was exactly the same, given that it was in the last run of the week I wanted to crack on and get it done. Plus, like you I wanted to have two rest days before starting week 4 on Monday.

Thanks for your words of encouragement about week 4, I'm certainly going to give it my all again :-)


Yep I know there are many of us on here who enjoy running in the rain, if the truth be told thats all I've done up here in the NE Scotland this summer, so don't let it put you off.

The tape measure is a brilliant way of checking the change in your body, better and more truthful than any scales. Your clothes are another good check, keep your measurements diary, once a month and you will see a different shape forming before long. Good luck with the rest of the programme. I have a waist for the first time in over 20 years :)


I read lots of blogs on here before deciding to take up the challenge and lots of them recommended taking measurement as you don't always see the results on the scales (muscle weighs more than fat etc)

I've started to notice a different in my clothes already. My temporary (i.e larger) trousers and jeans are already feeling better. I'm sure it won't be long before I can get into more of my wardrobe :-)


Great job!!! I am seeing a more toned body instead of actual weight loss. I did my measurements week 3 of the program and am going to wait until graduation to re-measure. I am starting week 8 on Sunday. I do know I am fitting into a few things that were too snug before. Best of luck to you starting week 4!! :-)


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