Running through the rain to 100K

I narrowly missed running a total of 100K last month, but told myself that May was longer (listen, that extra day makes a difference!) so I'd go for it in May. Woke up this morning on 97K and what do I see, after 3 days of sunshine? Rain persisting down, that's what. But one of the many things this programme has taught me is that I won't shrink in the wet and it's actually quite fun to run in the rain. So, indifferent to weather, off I went. Clocked 29.09 mins and just under 5K. But, wait for it, wait for it, that pushed the monthly total to a whisker under 102K. Or 63 miles in old money.

Am I pleased? Do ducks have wet bums? Too right, I'm pleased. I'm both pleased and astonished. I know some of you have done more, much more, but I think back to when I started, running a minute at a time. Lordy, how things have moved on. As many of us say, repeatedly, stick with this programme and it'll make you a runner and once you're a runner the world is your lobster!! And lobsters never mind running in the rain.


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30 Replies

  • I loved that last line especially - great image it conjured up! I think their legs might be a bit short.

    Congratulations on your 100k - a brilliant achievement. Here's to the next 100k! :D

  • Thanks greenlegs; their legs may be short but you should see 'em go!

  • High five Ned!

  • Thanks Delia; onward, ever onward!!

  • Brilliant. Great achievement. (and yet another target for those behind you to aim at... :) )

  • Thanks Landesman; I am rather pleased!

  • A fantastic achievement! Makes me realise there are many goals beyond the elusive week 9!

  • Oh Yes! Although lots of Wk 9's will soon see your distance creep up.

  • Well done Ned, great achievement! :) I also laughed at the lobster!

  • Ducks with wet bums and lobsters running in the it Ned!!! :D

    Great going despite the awful weather but yes I agree, running in rain is fun! So what is the challenge for June?? ;)

    I know I said it before but I must start setting myself goals like this for the month; I think its a great idea to keep the motivation going...

    Well done Ned!


  • Congratulations Ned, one heck of a distance, whats next month? Lobster red is the colour I go during a run by the way ;)

  • Sue & Oldgirl - you both asked what's the plan for next month. Hmm. Slightly awkward because we're away for a while at a family wedding, then at the end of the month I'm away camping in France for 2 weeks on my own. Forgive the pretension but I'm thinking of treating that period in France as "training camp" and doing something every day (a la Theresa but on a smaller scale)

  • Wow, that's amazing! I'll manage about a third of that this month, so you've inspired me with something new to aim for - eventually!

  • Congratulations, Ned! I'm pleased you made your goal for May!

  • Thanks swanscot; me too!!

  • You've also inspired me to look at my garmin stats. Very interesting! Nowhere near as much as you, but quite a big jump in distance covered in the second half of the 5x50 challenge, which surprised me, as I thought I was doing less running:

    March (pre 5x50): 9 runs, 29k total

    April (1st half of 5x50): 10 runs, 29k total

    May (2nd half of 5x50): 10 runs, 43k total (and 3 days left to go - so I could get to 50k?)

    This has really encouraged me, thanks. :)

    It also made me all the more aware of just how much running you are doing, Ned! :)

  • I'm sure 50K is within your grasp. Go for it! Running has become my new Normal, although I do sometimes think "must watch out and not let this become an obsession". Us blokes are prone to that!

  • It's not just blokes. :D I'm a serial obsessionist. :)

  • Congrats on your achievement, loved the blog, nice couple of giggles in there :D

  • Thanks Phil, much appreciated

  • Made me smile (hitting the 0410hrs tired bit of night shift) Great stats!

    I ventured out in the rain yesterday afternoon too; pouring when I left so nice new rainjacket bought on Saturday after Fridays soggy run was being tried out.... but 20 minutes into the run the rain stopped and I felt like I was running in a plastic bag! Didn't see any ducks - soggy bottoms or not, but a soggy jackdaw and woody woodpecker pecking gave me a nice rhythm to run to for a couple of minutes!

    I got a bit annoyed in April as changed from mapmyrun to runkeeper, then mapmyrun sent me an email telling me I had done just about 98 miles running and cycling in the month combined...if only I had known I could have hit the 100!!!

  • Yep, not much fun running in a plastic bag! But now you know how close you came to the magic 100..... I'm sure you'll be there again

  • Hi Oldned decided to look a my stats for May too

    Up till today 29th May, I am 128km of run/jog.

    Also 64km dog walking.

    Hoping to get to 200km this month too.

  • Excellent! go for it; I look forward to hearing about it soon.

  • Okay OldNed just posting to let you know its done, passed the 200km this month, by finishing with a 6km jog about 1 hour ago.. My muscles are shouting about it all so now glad of 2 days off.

    It was 203km to be precise

    Hope you make thast 100km today too. Good luck and what an achievement.

  • Well done; 203 total is excellent. I did a quick (well, 30 mins) 5K this morning which pushed the May total to 107K. Strangely, it felt a bit slow and leaden this morning but the stats told a different story - 5.2K in 30 mins 39.

  • I did it too!!!!!

    May's stats (so far, there's still the possibility of a dog walk or two before the end of tomorrow, and tomorrow's run).

    Run (outside) 11 runs 100.57k 11 hours 7 minutes 13 seconds

    Run (treadmill) 3 runs 11.16k 1 hour 8 mins 45 seconds

    Parkruns 1 run 5k 27 minutes

    (Dog walks 12 walks 49.83k 10 hours 26 minutes 34 seconds)

    A big increase from April's 17 runs of 86.49k simply because I discovered I could get to 10k (and beyond! as Buzz would say) and the two bank holiday Mondays gave me an extra two days off work so I could run in the morning and not have to worry about getting to work.

  • Yep, that 100K target is a great motivator. I also read somewhere that if you could run 6 miles (aka 10K) you could run any distance. It seems to be true. I've certainly found no real issue in stretching 5K to 10K, and beyond. Sometimes, paradoxically, it takes me the first 5K to get into my stride (so to speak) but after that it feels as though I can just keep going.

  • Can I just put my name down here for another '100k in May'-er too! Managed 100.5km throughout the month. Just like Beads, I discovered I could push beyond 10k and the two bank holidays allowed for longer runs!

    May has been by far, my biggest month yet, and it's thanks to you OldNed and your post towards the end of April asking if you thought you'd be able to hit 100km!

    Congrats on smashing that at 107k.

  • Brilliant! We should start a "100K in the month of May" club! I confess I was surprised in April just how close to it I was and May, with longer runs and bank hols, was a good month for pushing on.

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