Running in the rain!

Thought I'd share this with everyone. I forced myself out for my first post-grad run last night, despite the gloom and drizzle. Ten minutes in, the heavens opened - literally bouncing-off-the-pavement, wipers-on-full-whack kind of rain.

And it was fantastic!

I was running along, grinning like a loon (lucky it was dark I suppose) despite being drenched to the skin with water dripping off my nose. It was honestly the most invigorating, exhilarating experience I've had in a long time, and it's something I'd thoroughly recommend! I also got my fastest 1k split during that period, so I'll be doing a rain dance before all my runs now.

Moral of the story - rain is no excuse not to run. It's fun! Embrace your inner child and give it a go!


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16 Replies

  • I'm with you on this, I just LOVE running in the rain!!!! Splashing straight through the middle of puddles is amazingly liberating. Always makes me smile, :)

  • Sounds excellent. Yet to have my first properly rainy run. Will look forward to it now :)

  • Remember that skin is the ultimate waterproof fabric - it lets perspiration out freely, but doesn't let rain water in. As long as I'm warm, I love running in the rain. I'm glad that there are at least three of us... ;)

  • Make that 4!

  • Funny isn't it? I used to avoid it at all costs, but a while back when it stated raining half way into a long run I found it refreshing and exhilarating! It's a strong wind that i find off putting.

  • Depends which way the wind is blowing. I had a fantastic time once....very strong wind from the back!! No, no spouts involved!!

  • Yes,yes,yes! Rain is fab! Sounds like a lovely run. I agree with Rob though about the wind- now that isn't so nice x :-)

  • Love running in the rain!!! Keeps you nice and cool. There was a time last year that I used to go out of my way to run underneath trees and pull on the low branches to get the benefits of the overnight dew :)

    I did get some strange looks :(

  • It's funny isn't it, when you're running rain is no barrier.. I for one wouldn't generally choose to go out in the rain if I didn't have too!

  • Ha ha, yes, I've done that too, once you're wet, you're wet! I find it refreshing, once I've been caught in a deluge, which was funny as I went past some one all huddled up in a big coat and hat, I said a very cheery 'morning!' To them, which I think took them by surprise! My running gear was welded to me by the time I got back! Exhillerating!


  • I LOVE running in the rain! The only caveat is that I have to be warm.

  • Agreed! I did a very wet run once and came back to the car almost unable to get the key out of my pocket and put it in the lock because I was so cold.

  • My first run i done when i started C25K was in the rain, i almost never went out.

    But i thought the mood i was in and the motivation i had on that day would disappear if i put it off...

    I'm so glad i did go out, it was amazing, i was cold for the whole of about 1 minute.

  • I love, love, love running in the rain its so invigorating and as long as you are warm you are absolutely fine. There is a point when I think I can get any wetter then find a nice big puddle to jump in - Its Awesome!

  • I find these posts so interesting. I am in Canada and it is still winter here. It was an upsetting 16 BELOW with the wind yesterday. In March. Argh.

    I am a dual citizen and must admit, there are many, many, MANY months in Canada that I dream of exercising outside in the UK. Year round! Enjoy!

  • I love rain running too, but I'm looking forward to some warmer showers soon!

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