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Despite the continued trepidation about the next steps it does seem to be working. The three five minute runs even seemed less punishing than week 4's last run. So something must be going right. I even tried to put a little more pace into the final bit of the last run! Have now cut my verage lap time (endomondo) to just under 7 minutes per km. Unbelevable just a month ago. Now looking forward a little nervously to the second run of week 5. It all looks serious stuff from now on in. The crazy thing seems to be that it still works after a hard day at school with quality reviwers in to visit. The programme does motivate you. Thankfully I have steered far from injury and illness so far. If anything it has made me feel so much better for it. Even my doctor was impressed.

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Thanks for the blog post, Janda. I'm headed home to do W5R1 myself. I struggled with W4 and am a bit concerned about W5 and beyond. Glad to hear that you were successful and that you found it "less punishing than week 4". That gives me hope. Good luck with the rest of the programme.

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Pearsey in reply to TexasDad

Hi TexasDad. I've just done run 2 of week 4-not so punishing as week 1, probably because I had an idea of what was on the agenda. Found the last 5 minute run (I still jog) good. Concentrating now on looking straight ahead, not at the ground, altering my posture. I have found this helpful, and give me something else to think about. I've lost some more weight too, which is a bonus. I too am concerned about week 5 and beyond, but there again I was concerned each week, To think 4 weeks ago I started this. Only thanks to my ipod deleting week 3 I skipped the 3rd run, and it was ok. Probably better off for not having thought about it.

Agree Janda it seems that it's working. I've just done my W5R1 and whilst it was hard it was within reach.


I too found W5R1 easier than the week 4 ones despite the wind being in my face all the way (how does it do that on a circular route?) and each run starting with a hill climb!

Good Luck for the rest of the week :op

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I found week 5 alot easier than week 4 as well! Congratulations on the progress :)

Sounding good to me-bring it on!! Good luck everyone :-)

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I successfully completed W5R1 last night and found it was easier than W4R1. The first 2 5 minute runs were pretty good for me. During the last one, I started to feel pretty gassed, but made it to the end. Keep trucking everyone!

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Keep going, everyone! The programme does work - if I can do it, anyone can! It took me longer than the 9 weeks but that doesn't matter. You will get there.

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Well done on starting week 5 janda. As a fellow teacher you have my wholehearted sympathy for the dreaded inspectors and all the hell that brings. The fact that you are still getting out there to run in the midst of all this is amazing to me. I would imagine I'd just grind to a halt while drowning in lesson plans but it's certainly helping you!

Having just finished W5 and with a horrible chesty cold to boot, I totally agree that it seems easier than W4 which I hated. The stamina building from interval training obviously works. Keep positive for the rest of the week. The numbers look scary but the reality is very different. :)

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Thank you for all the encouragement. At just past the halfway stage I know that it is possible and that it does make a difference. Just over four weeks to graduation if all goes according to plan.

I'm about to start week5. So your blog and the comments makes me feel so much better... Easy, peasy!!!

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