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W5R1 Quietly Contented!

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Birthday over - I did have a good go at the beer and wine yesterday no doubt, but can you believe that in a tiny corner of my scrambled mind was a little voice saying "don't go mad - you have to run tomorrow". Which in fact means that I have already gone mad. Imagine that, prioritising running over booze! Ridiculous. To me, that is more surprising than being able to run a bit!

And so, fully rehydrated of course ;-), I was pleased to complete W5R1 today at lunchtime, but no room for bragging. On re-reading my last post, it felt a little bullish and boastful - and most likely misguided as I am sure I will have my reckoning one day soon when the Plan bites back! I'm blaming youthful exuberance and adrenalin as I wrote it before any blood had a chance to return to my head, or air to my lungs upon completion!

I guess I should be proud of how far I have come so far, but on reflection perhaps this is just a measure of how far I had let myself go in the first place, that it all seems so hard! I can remember as a boy I'd run for 15 minutes as a warm-up before my hockey game!

A more measured approach today then, after lapping the running track a few times - I dare not go near hills yet - quietly I'll allow myself a little "yay" as I managed to complete the run with a couple of minutes tagged on the end for good measure.

I also met a stranger at the track just starting on W1R1 and cheered her on. She was amazed when I told her that 5 weeks ago I could only do 60-second stints. It is amazing this plan - and the supportiveness of the community.

Slow & Steady.. #you can do it

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Well done you. I definately believe this plan is mind over matter. I dreaded week 5 run 3 and it turned out to be okay. We have to believe in the program and ourselves. I have surprised myself (and my hubby) with how much I have achieved in the last 6 weeks and I can actually say I now enjoy running. Keep up the good work. X

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Fantastic job. I have an issue with "Quietly contented!" tho... If I ever get that far I'll run around the house screaming with joy with my pants on my head. Or similar. Probably not pretty but I'll be dead chuffed.


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Marvo69Graduate in reply to sallenson

Thanks for the support. You will get there too but please do not feel obliged to share photos of your celebration! #you can do it

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Very, very well done...on all levels.... :)

You are doing well and slow and steady..hackneyed though it may be will get you to the most amazing places:)

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Marvo69Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

I love you a little bit Old floss! x

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Marvo69

Thank you xx Nice to be loved :)

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Shout it from the rooftops man! Boast away if you want to, why not?? 🎉🎉🎉🎉

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Belated greetings for your birthday! Sounds like you had a great time :)

Well done on run1 of the fifth week. I am so looking forward to that one. Just got one more run of week 4 then i'll have a good crack at it.

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Marvo69Graduate in reply to DeeRunning

Thanks Dee! It wasn’t as bad as expected, i’m sure you’ll breeze it!

Sounds like we will be both be 50 next year and have started ‘running’ at the same time. Good luck next week....# you can do it

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DeeRunningGraduate in reply to Marvo69

Yeppers, there are a few of us half-centurians here. Oldwheezer is also 50 next year and is finishing up on week 4 too. Talk about mid life crises all round! 😂

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