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Happy hormones :D

It's been a while since I've posted, so a quick summary:

Week 4, Run 3: Due to social commitments I had yet another morning run. Which I'd love to love, but they just ruin me. Got through it albeit a lot slower than W4R2 (I ran the same route and was about 150 metres behind where I was on the previous run) and felt great to have completed week 4.

Week 5, Run 1: I had a 6 day break between week 4 and 5 (I was on an active holiday and really tried to fit in at least one run but it just wasn't happening for me) which I'm STILL berating myself for!! Nevertheless, I was back out this evening and the first 5 minutes was shocking. I was like a snail and almost tripped a few times becuase I was hardly lifting my feet off the ground. After a pep talk (of the "don't be a wuss, suck it up" variety), I plodded on and by the 2nd 5min run i was feeling much more energetic. I feel completely elated to have done 3x5 minute runs and am raring to go on the next one :) I've never ever ran more than 6 minutes in my whole life, so W5R2 will be such a personal milestone for me with the 8min run.

I've been reading a lot of the blogs over the past few days and it seems there's a general sense of demotivation due to a number of factors including going back to work, the end of summer, the current cold snap in parts of the UK, injuries, darker nights etc but just think how far you've come in a short space of time! Instead of sitting in watching rubbish TV like The One Show (sorry to any fans!), or lying in bed saying "I'll get up in another 10 minutes" we are ALL getting our backsides off the sofa and out there to run. The fact so many people are having these worries about where to run when it gets dark and feeling deflated when a run doesn't go so well is testament to the fact that our lives have changed for the better :) Sometimes it's easier to notice the "failings" than the achievements, but take a minute to think of how far you've come and hopefully the post-run happy hormones I'm feeling will spread a little.

So keep going, keep plugging away and before we know it, we'll all have those little green graduate badges!

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