Happy dance, happy dance- I've completed week 6 :D

W6R2 I had added an extra minute to the 1st ten minute run and an extra 5 to the second ten minute run so knew i could do it but for some reason I thought run 3 was a 22minute run and that last 3 minutes caught me going up and down and around the same piece of pavement and grassy area but I did it :D

Oh, and laura says Im a runner, so I must be :D

Onwards to week 7 on Saturday ;)


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17 Replies

  • Well done serendipitygal a great feeling when Laura says You're a runner and you are. good luck with week 7

  • Thank you "getting fitter" I am hoping the breathing gets easier and the running gets a pleasure ASAP :D

  • Yay, well done RUNNER. I thought week 6 was a toughie so it's great you are over that hump.

  • Thank you Slookie :) I'm not sure what I've thought about it - other than that last three minutes today lol-- I am still plodding and walking faster than I run :/ but my heart rate is elevated and every now and then I have to slow down to keep going but I WON'T QUIT! :D

  • Wooohoooo another official runner in the club (not that club!)

    Well done :)

  • LOL......Oh My Goodness...if I was in "the" club I would be very scared indeed :D but I will accept entry in to "that" club ;)

  • Well done. W6R3 for me tomorrow (if this niggly knee pain goes away!) I want to be a runner too!

  • :) Good luck Floydruns.... my knees were niggly for a couple of weeks (week 2 and 3 I think) and it is awful isn't it? You will do it- Remember "Quitting is NOT an option!" ;)

  • :) Good luck Floydruns.... my knees were niggly for a couple of weeks (week 2 and 3 I think) and it is awful isn't it? You will do it- Remember "Quitting is NOT an option!" ;)

  • One of the many websites for this programme does indeed say run 3 is 22 mins, I got caught out as well! Never mind, you did it! Congrats runner!

  • Phew! I didn't imagine it then?

  • Welcome to the runner's club!

  • Thank you Franny :D

  • Very well done. It's my turn tomorrow morning and I have taken great heart from reading the experiences of people like yourself. Looking forward to Laura letting me know I am a runner - I will probably tweet it being the saddo that I am!

    Well done :)

  • Ooooh Herbie you will be fine ! and this time tomorrow you will be a runner! :)

    I have a twitter account but never think to log into it. I was going to do a daily tweets of an EHO but can't imagine there is much interest there but people claim there is. Life of grime and all that in food premises. Oh, and I don't have any followers (that sounds a bit cultish lol)

    Maybe i should revisit it- has to be better than facebore :D

    Good luck tomorrow and i look forward to your posts

  • Thanks very much. Twitter is okay as you only get a small number of characters to type so you have to be very succinct in what you tweet - "I am having beans on toast for lunch" doesn't ever make it!

    Give it a go, being in Environmental Health you are bound to get loads of followers ;)

    Having said that @herbiechapman usually tweets about football, wine and how hard his last run was! Like tomorrow....

  • oooh, get you! 104 followers! Are you famous? lol

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