W5R3 - so disappointed...

So far i've stuck with the programme to the letter and although hard I've pushed myself. Today I went out to do the 20 minute run. I was worried and I got to 14 minutes and had to stop. I was so disappointed in myself. I nearly cried and didnt really know what to do. After a few mins I ran the last minute and a half of the 20 but didn't run the whole thing. I don't know whether to try it again, repeat week 5 or just carry on and put it down to a bad day. Advice welcomed!


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  • If you don't complete a run then you simply repeat it until successful then move on.

    Well done, you are very close. This is a mental battle as much as physical. When you run again you will know that your body is better prepared because of today's training run.

  • Thanks. Yes I think I need to repeat it. I'll put today down as a training run and go out again on Tuesday and finish the whole thing! I know I won't be happy until I've cracked the full 20mins

  • Put it down to a practice run ready for your next 'real' run. Don't be so hard on yourself, think back to week 1 and how far you have already come!

    Take a rest day, hydrate, think positive, run slowly and away you go to complete the run and rebuild your confidence.

    Good luck runner

  • And run slowly!

  • and stretch before hand. ive just completed week 4 (which i was dreading) and just seen the runs for week 5 OMG. 😱😱😱

  • Embrace disappointment- it means you're figuring out a solution (I just made that up - for myself, too - facing w5 with great trepidation). Longing to hear what your second try is like - WHATEVER it is like!!! I love your attitude.

  • And cut yourself some slack....it's soooooo hot out there at the moment and the air is like custard🀧😷. You'll get there.😎

  • I feel your pain! It took me three tries to nail that run. It wasn't until I was told to really slow down, that I finally cracked it. It WILL happen, don't worry😊

  • So close.... now try not to push.... just go out again and relax into the run :) Go slowly and steadily and now you can do it :)

  • Why did you have to stop? breathing? legs? stamina? heat?

  • Breathing, or lack of! My legs were fine but I can't seem to get enough oxygen in through my nose so I'm gasping for breath through my mouth. Think I need to slow down and try taking longer breaths in. Will try this on Tuesday and see how I get on

  • if you are having difficulty breathing then slowing down is an absolute must. Why are you only breathing through your nose? Slow right down until you could just about carry on a conversation while running (and unless you are a ventriloquist that will involve open mouth).

  • Bless you, I did it yesterday and had got myself so worked up about it beforehand. I did manage it but I honestly went so slowly a snail could have passed me. I have had some runs when I have barely managed it so take yours as a bad day, don't get down beat and get out there again and keep trying til you do it and you will do it! And the runs will just help you for the future, there's no rush to finish it so if it takes three attempts to do it, then do be it! X

  • My 13yr old daughter said to me today 'there is no failure except no longer trying'. You will get there in your own good time. I start wk 5 today, just seen the massive jump in length of runs & feeling overwhelmed so I get you!

  • Aw bless you try and stay positive I have that run to do and I must admit I keep putting it off but tomorrow I am definitely going to give it a try keep your head up hun you will get there

  • WOO HOO!! I did it - 20 mins straight running. I took everyone's advice and slowed right down and I did it. I am sooooo chuffed with myself. Roll on week 6. Thanks everyone for your encouragement and support.

  • Great Suzang. Good on you for perseverance and self-belief. Thanks for letting us know :)

  • Well done, you!!

    But, hey, why are you announcing this at the end of your last post..........this is a running milestone and you are a grinning loon....you should announce it to all and sundry with a new post, simply to encourage others.

    BE PROUD....... BE LOUD!!!!!

  • Well done!!

  • Welcome to our newest Week 6 warrior!!


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