Week 4...need advice :)

I have been running this week 4 twice so far. I could feel my fitness improving incredibly. This is the first time I ran for 5 minutes, didn't know my body was capable. So I need a little advice with the last 5 minute of the run.

Firstly i run for 3 minutes with 90secs rest, than 5 minutes with 2:30 then another 3 minutes with 90 secs. When I go onto doing the last 5 minute, I get half way then I literally just stop and walk for a bit before finishing off :( I am finding this but difficult. I don't know if i should go back to week 3 or continue with week 4. I even tried to slow it right down, so slow a person can walk past me but still..

Any advice with the last 5 minutes? I know I can get past it but it is a little challenging for me right now.


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15 Replies

  • Hiya, Pikaree....slow down the pace....nice & easy continue week 4 you will benefit from it..... don't you feel fitter?... you will be fine...dont start to fast... :-D

  • It felt like climbing a mountain on the last 5 minutes. Should i keep doing it until i can do the last 5 minutes?

  • Yes it may not feel like it at the time.but you are getting stronger every time you run..... when will you be running again? & have you had your rest days? :-)

  • My next run is on a tuesday. And definitely. Just getting past those last 5 minutes is a task!

  • You will be fine, your body will benefit from the rest and when you run next I am sure that you will feel better...pace yourself and go slow.... the speed will come later... :-)

  • Thank you :)

  • Stick with it Pikaree :D go as slow as you can and believe in yourself and the program, you will do it :D

  • Thank you!

  • It sounds like you have got a gremlin about those last 5 mins, you need to turn your brain off because actually you KNOW your body can do it because you can do the first 5 mins. Have you tried really slowing down the first parts of the session so you have more energy at the end ?

  • I do! I try to think positively, but next time I will turn my brain off actually. I will try to go very slow next time..i thought i was going really slow because people were walking past me. I will try the switching my brain off bit especially after the half way mark. Cheers!

  • Hi PIkaree. Firstly - DO NOT PANIC. It's completely normal. Each run you do charges your "running battery" by a few volts which tells your body that running isn't getting harder for you, it's getting easier. If you can, SLOW RIGHT DOWN to just above walking pace. Keep moving all the time though and try, if you can, to finish at snails pace. Speed doesn't matter at this stage - it's endurance which is the key. And like anything in life - the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Make sure you breathe deeply and slowly on your walk breaks. Get oxygen into your blood. That will allow you to keep going to the end.

    Also - try visual stimulation. Imagine each deep breath in, is charging your blood with red blood cells which will flow around your body to give you enough energy to finish each run.

    Good luck.


  • Okay so above a walking pace got it. It isn't the breath even that is the problem. I can't describe it but, i think that little gremlin in my head hits the BIG stop button and i just stop . I will keep that advice in mind. Thank you so much! I won't give up :) Even if it takes me a year

  • I bet you on your next run you will find it TEN TIMES BETTER! Your mantra should be ;

    "The gremlin has gone, I WILL finish"

  • The mantra is a great idea. When you're just about to hit the wall, start repeating either Dan's mantra or something like it. It's gotten me over some bad humps before

  • Thank you guys so much! I will definitely give it a go tomorrow!!

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