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W2R2 done and 3lb lost in a week :)

Knee is giving me a bit of trouble... I believe it's known as running with excess weight. One more run to go which will be tomorrow then a swim afterwards with a friend.... will I be able to move after? Imagine my surprise when I did my usual Friday morning weigh-in with my sister (via text as we're in different parts of the country) and found that I'd lost 3lb this week also... Hooray ;) Here's to finishing week 2 and starting week 3, maybe I can lose some more weight at the same time :)

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AWESOME! I gained weight or stayed the same my first few weeks even when I was watching all of my foods. I chalked it up to mu muscle retaining fluid. I am starting week 5 this coming Sunday and this past week I started losing again. If you are losing this early in the game, you are doing fantastic!!!! I bet in no time at all, besides scale change you will be noticing how your body is toning.


Well done eshaz14. Watch that knee. It's the one thing that everyone I speak to warns me about.. Good luck losing that weight too.


Thanks for your comments. I'm watching the knee,haven't done run 3 today, went swimming instead and feel so much better for it, especially as I haven't swum for many years. Run 3 tomorrow morning then.


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